Woman Asks Out Gaston At Disney World Only To Get A Savagely On-Brand Roast

So many people all but owe their childhoods to Disney and I think that goes double if you visited Walt Disney World when you were little.

And if someone went up to us as kids and asked us if we wanted to be one of our favorite characters walking around there, it's a fairly safe bet that most of us would say yes.

However, the reality of the job is that it usually involves walking around humid Florida in a big, furry suit — trust me, it gets hot in those things at the best of times — while dealing with customers who aren't exactly making anyone's experience magical.

But if there's one role that still manages to seem fun through the tired eyes of adulthood, it's playing Gaston and one hilarious TikTok does a good job of demonstrating why.

On July 19, TikTok user @nots0swift posted a video in which her friend asked Gaston out.

As you can see, this request apparently comes shortly after her boyfriend broke up with her.

But if that situation had her looking for a confidence booster, it was immediately clear that Gaston was not the person to turn to.

And if his facial expression didn't already make it clear that this wasn't going to happen, what he had to say wasn't any more encouraging.

Really, is there any sentence that starts with "sorry," that isn't immediately going to set us up for disappointment?

But of course, Gaston isn't really a character known for letting people down easy.

From the actor's perspective, playing Gaston at Disney World seems like a pretty a tricky balancing act.

On one hand, it would be out of character to respond to this with anything besides an insult while looking as smug and condescending as possible.

But on the other hand, it's not that difficult to go too far and make things legitimately upsetting for the guest.

However, based on the woman's reaction and her friend's caption of "no one roasts like Gaston," it seems he stuck the landing.

And as you can see in the clip, he does this by informing her, "I'm looking for the most beautiful woman in town" before strutting by with a cheesy grin on his face.

It's probably best to see it for yourself, though.

Oh well, at least she seemed to take the whole thing in stride.

She seemed in disbelief that she just got roasted, but the experience was clearly pretty amusing for her, her friend and everybody else.

No one roasts like Gaston, indeed.