9-Foot Inflatable Oogie Boogie From Home Depot Comes With The Whole Halloween Town Crew

Who else gears up for Halloween in July? Ha, ha, you're my kind of people then. No, but seriously what's a better time to stock up on Halloween decor than now?

You can actually get some cool stuff online before they sell out in stores. I found one item that I absolutely have to share with you. I think it's going to blow everyone away.

I don't know about you, but Halloween is pretty much the only thing I like about fall.

Unsplash | Clint Patterson

Yes, I do enjoy the pretty falling leaves but not the cool weather. But once Halloween is around the corner, I definitely perk up.

What other holiday lets you binge on candy and dress up in epic costumes, huh?

Every year without fail, I always look for some new Halloween decor.

Unsplash | Szabó János

And boy, do I have something special to share with you. What would you say to a 9-foot Oogie Boogie inflatable, huh? Are you digging this idea or what? It's an absolute must-have for any Nightmare Before Christmas fan.

Get a load of this bad boy.

What did I tell you? Isn't he special? Oh my goodness, ha, ha! I absolutely love it. With this one, you'll be able to take over Halloween in your neighborhood in style. Best of all, this inflatable also features other members of the Halloween Town crew: Lock, Shock, and Barrel.

If you're a fan of 'The Nightmare Before Christmas,' you'll fall in love with this awesome outdoor decor piece.

I think all the kids in the area will be so jealous of your house. I know I would be too, hee-hee.

This inflatable masterpiece is available on Home Depot's website for $179.00.

Now, I know he seems to be pretty big but don't be intimidated.

He actually self-inflates within seconds and includes stakes and tethers. Wow, who knew it was so easy to put something up like this, huh? I always wondered about that.

Also, it's important to note that he isn't some cheap imitation either.

No matter where you place him, Oogie Boogie is fully weather-resistant and can easily withstand the elements for safe outdoor use. The inflatable also includes LED lights to give off the perfect, eerie glow. How cool is that?

Another thing that impresses me is how detailed this piece really is.

I mean, look at this. The makers really didn't omit a single thing here. This fun Halloween decoration is definitely a show-stopping outdoor piece. I'm seriously contemplating getting it for our porch.

This company also makes another Halloween favorite.

This inflatable Gizmo is giving me all the good feels here. Who else was obsessed with Gremlins as a kid? I wish I had this back when I was growing up. My friends would be so surprised.

So let me ask you: are you in or out?

Would you get one of these pieces to put outside of your house? I know this might seem like too much, but Halloween only comes once a year, so why not, huh?