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For Once, Non-Americans Are Sharing What They Do Like About The USA

America has earned quite a reputation over the years.

While, yes, it's criticized for its former president (looking at you, Donald), gun laws, and obesity rates, let's not forget that this is the land of the free!

With this comes independence, opportunities, and so much more.

Here, in a rare moment, non-Americans are sharing what they like about the US.

The film/TV industry.

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No one can deny that Hollywood is in a league of its own.

Hollywood actors are known worldwide and they have brought dreams and fantasies to life. Just think of Disney movies or any of the Jurassic Park films!

Portion sizes in restaurants.

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"I always hear complaints about the portion sizes, which is fair, they're big. But we gotta give America credit how socially acceptable it is to take the leftover food home. As a frugal Dutch person, this mesmerises me and I'm very sad this is not as acceptable here." - u/MarieLoew

Great communication skills.

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"When people are interviewed on tv they can really explain in detail what happened and it is easily understood. It’s like everyone has a communication major. In Australia we generally are really bad at this. For example - interviewing eye witness to shark attack in Australia 'yeah nah it was pretty bad.'" -u/Alpacamum

There is so much to see.

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People in the US don't have to travel overseas to see amazing sights. This Redditor pointed out that you can go to pretty much any climate without a passport. "You have tropical, desert, ocean side, lake side, mountains etc."

The variety of groceries.

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"I want sugar free? Boom...everything. Oh there's something we have at home but here's 30 varieties of it! Special dietary restrictions? Don't have to order it...here's the stuff at the local target!" - u/Feralcrumpetart

How big everything is.

"I'm used to nature being small, but everything in America is bigger - bigger storms, bigger mountains, bigger horizons. Even the sky seems more. People in America are casually dealing with everything from alligators to bears, pitching tents on the sides of cliffs and walking their dogs through literal wilderness." - u/coffee_up

Public restrooms are free.

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In case you didn't know, public restrooms aren't free everywhere in the world.

One Redditor wrote that they had to pay a lady in Mexico for toilet paper. So the US letting people go whenever they need to is pretty sweet.

The free museums.

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"I grew up in Maryland one metro ride from the District. The Smithsonians are a treasure. I remember being astonished when I moved to another city and realized most museums require you to pay to go inside." - u/optcynsejo

People's tenacity.

"I think that comes from this country's origin being of independence, the founding principles ingrained in most people from the day they're born here is that if you want something you'd better go [expletive] get it because no one is gonna hand it to you." -u/TheDonutPug

All the drive-throughs.

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You thought fast food drive-throughs were cool?

In the United States, they have a drive-through for pretty much anything — banking, pharmacies, oil changes, and so on. This makes life much more convenient.

The friendly people.


"Being friendly in Texas is the same as being polite. You speak to people in elevators and wish them a good day when they get off. You wave at people who yield to you in traffic or otherwise do you a solid." - u/maggie081670

The entrepreneurial spirit.


"In a lot of countries, including my own, failing at a business you started is seen very negatively, to the point most people will never try, as opposed to the USA where a business failing is seen as a normal part of the process and you just keep trying, taking the lessons you learned forward." - u/Rarotunga

The amusement parks.

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There is no shortage of fun in the States! Whether it's Disneyland, Six Flags, Universal Studios, Cedar Park, the list goes on and on! These places are also spread out across the country.

Freedom of speech.

"Freedom of speech. You can make jokes about the president and not worry that FBI is going to show up at your doorstep. Life is very different in developing countries." -u/ajayrfhp

The job opportunities.


"Immigrant here. Opportunities. As long as you have the desire to work, you’ll find work. You’ll find a way to make a decent living even if the pay isn’t always great by first world standards. From where I’m from, opportunities like that aren’t available." - u/HisRoyalHorniness

Free soda refills.

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This is a huge perk that doesn't exist in many countries.

One Redditor's friend couldn't get a soda refill in Paris. The same goes for water. Americans get free water without being asked in restaurants.

The cheap prices.


"That you can buy a used car for cheap, even if you work minimum wage. In my country even as a college graduate and a full-time emergency room nurse I can barely pay for my 150cc motorcycle, let alone a car." -u/rangerwcl

The justice/legal system.

This Redditor shared that the corruption in South America corruption is so bad.

"We rarely see any kind of justice even for obvious crimes; let alone a good investigation, just collecting basic evidence has to be called a miracle."

The natural identity.

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"How the national identity is so culturally mixed. it seems like If you move to France, you don't become a French; you just become a foreigner. While everyone who lives in America at all is American." - u/lTheReader