Just More Movie Details Fans Likely Didn't Notice Until Now

With the worst of the pandemic hopefully behind us, the world has begun to return to a state of normalcy. This means that movies and TV will soon be returning to their former glory!

What better way to celebrate than with an assortment of brand new movie details and Easter Eggs?! Have a look below and see everything you never noticed until now.

1. The license plate on the flipped car in *Spider-Man: Far From Home* ties in to the comics.

The license plate number reads TASM 143. This is the short form for "The Amazing Spider-Man #143," which also happens to be the inspiration for the film.

2. The beer that Nyles drinks in *Palm Springs* is a major Easter Egg.

If you take a look at the can, the brand of beer is called Akupara. This is an old Sanskrit word which roughly translated means "unbounded" or "free."

In Hinduism, Akupara is a giant turtle described as the one who is without death.

3. James McAvoy gets his due in *Mr. Glass*.

If you make it through to the end credits, you'll be able to see that each one of the 20 personalities McAvoy portrays on screen is credited. It's a simple touch, but very effective.

4. *Detective Pikachu* pays homage to Kevin McCallister from *Home Alone*.

Take a look at the movie Tim has on his television: it's a scene from the faux film Angels with Filthy Souls, which was prominently featured in the first Home Alone film. Nice Easter Egg, ya filthy animal.

5. The opening scene of *Midsommar* is one huge spoiler.


Without giving too much away, the mural that is shown in the very first shot outlines the entire plot of the movie from start to finish. It won't make sense without the context, but after you finish watching, rewind and you should be able to figure it out.

6. *Mortal Kombat (2021)* is pretty historically accurate.

"In the (2021) Mortal Kombat movie, Scorpions[sic] wife uses a kunai for digging, these knives are the most recognized ninja weapon, but they were all purpose tool mainly used to dig and scale wall, ninjas preferred this tool because it was light and easy to travel with." - Reddit u/batfleck101600

7. The production logos in *Tenet* set the tone for the entire film.

"In Tenet (2020), the Warner Bros. and Syncopy logos are coloured red and blue respectively. These are the colours[sic] used in the film to represent normal and inverted time." - Reddit u/zzizolimamo

8. The outfit Jamie Foxx wore in *Django Unchained* might look familiar.

At least it should, it's the exact same one that Michael Landon wore in Bonanza. Tarantino managed to get everything spot on, from the green jacket right down to the gun holster.

9. The end credits of *Mr. Popper's Penguins* reveals that Jim Carrey had a terrible time.

The graphic makes sure to communicate that absolutely no penguins were harmed during filming. Unfortunately, it would appear that Jim Carrey wasn't so fortunate. I wonder what he did to incite their wrath?

10. *Toy Story 4* has a reference to *The Shining*.

Unless you happen to be a horror movie buff, this likely flew over your head. But if you pay close attention to the song that plays as Woody and Forky are being pushed in the baby carriage, it's the same haunting ballroom music that plays at the Overlook Hotel.

11. *The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It* gives a subtle nod to *The Exorcist*.

At the beginning of the movie, as the priest gets out of the cab, he pauses to look up and survey the house he's about to walk into. It's nearly a shot-for-shot remake of a scene from The Exorcist. They're even wearing the same hat and carrying the same briefcase.

12. Batman's passcode in the DC animated original *Batman And Robin* is historically significant.

The passcode Batman uses is 1-9-3-9. This is a clear reference to March 30th, 1939 — the date that Batman was introduced to the world via Detective Comics #27.

13. There's a reason why *Moana* is friends with a pig and a rooster.

Superstitious maritime sailors would often tattoo pigs and roosters on their feet to help them survive in a shipwreck. Oftentimes, pigs and chickens would be the only things to survive due to the buoyancy of their shipping containers.

14. Take a close look at Giulia's record collection in *Luca*.

In the right corner of the image, you'll see a white record by an artist named Nicolo Pitera. Nick Pitera is a Disney/Pixar animator who worked on the film. On top of that, he also happens to be quite the musician.

Over the years, his covers of Disney classics have gone viral.

Nick is known for his incredible vocal range and piercing falsetto. I'm partial to his cover of "Part Of Your World" from The LIttle Mermaid, but to really get a taste of his talent — you absolutely must watch his version of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You."