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Flight Attendant Humiliates Woman Over Dirty Diaper Calling It A 'Biohazard'

Traveling with your family can cause a lot of chaos and stress. Having to make sure that everyone is ready, on time, and taken care of can be a lot to handle. When you're traveling with young children and babies, things get even harder, as there is so much more to pack and consider.

Many times, people give families dirty looks when boarding planes with young children because there is the assumption they will be uncontrollable.

Long flights oftentimes lead to some small inconveniences when traveling with young children.

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Many children sometimes get fussy when on airplanes, and that can cause a lot of commotion and complaints from passengers.

But, babies also need to be fed and changed on routine schedules, which can also lead to some trouble, as well.

One mother opened up about being "humiliated" by a flight attendant while flying with her 2-year-old daughter.

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34-year-old endocrinologist and mother Farah Naz Khan was flying on a Mesa Airlines flight from Kalispell, Montana, to Houston on Friday with her 2-year-old daughter and husband.

Her daughter ended up with a dirty diaper and the mother went to change her in the bathroom.

The plane had a specific changing station in the back of the aircraft.

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Khan said that it was midway through the flight when she noticed her daughter's dirty diaper and went to change her.

Then, she disposed of the diaper in a "scented bag." She was then confronted by a flight attendant about it.

Khan said the flight attendant began to "yell at her."

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He asked the mother, "Did you just dispose of a diaper back there? That's a biohazard."

He then began to yell at her and immediately requested she go back and get the dirty diaper out of the wastebasket in front of the entire flight.

The mother said she was "humiliated."

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Having to dig through a wastebasket on an airplane that is filled with dirty garbage to take out the soiled diaper was "humiliating" and "belittling," Khan told NBC News.

Khan also shared that she had thrown out dirty diapers on flights prior to this.

Another flight attendant helped Khan when she needed an extra garbage bag.

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After speaking to another flight attendant, Khan was told she had done nothing wrong. She tried to speak to the original flight attendant who belittled her, but he refused.

When they landed, Khan filed a customer service incident report with the airline.

However, then, the unthinkable happened.

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Khan received a call from an unknown number and when she picked up, it was the original flight attendant. He told her because of her "biohazard incident," they had placed her on a "no-fly list."

The mother was dumbfounded, as she had disposed of diapers on flights before and she was also told she had done "nothing wrong."

Khan was outraged, as she did not dispose of the diaper on the flight in the long run.

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"I also didn't dispose of the diaper on the plane, even if it was considered a biohazard. I walked it off the plane and threw it away myself outside the flight," the mother told NBC News of the incident.

Mesa Airlines had a spokesperson comment on the matter.

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"The details as described by our customer do not meet the high standards that Mesa sets for our flight attendants and we are reviewing the matter," the spokesperson said in a statement.

They did not issue any further comments on the investigation.

How wild is that?