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After Burger King Employees Quit Together, People Praise Their Movement

Working part-time jobs in the food industry can be grueling. Anyone who has ever worked in food service knows that it's either the customers who give you a hard time, or it's management. Sometimes, things get so bad that you have no other choice but to walk away from the job altogether.

But, what happens when everyone walks away at the same exact time?

Employees at a Burger King location are now going viral for their iconic "notice."

A Burger King location in Lincoln, Nebraska is going viral all over social media after employees decided to use the sign outside to "show" they had all quit.

Before upper management had come into work, they posted up "We all quit. Sorry for the inconvenience."

It turns out, they really all did quit.

Not in this epic way, however. Former general manager Rachael Flores told ABC that she had put in her two weeks notice, and then 8 other employees followed suit.

Flores claims the working conditions were poor, citing employees were working in the kitchen with no air conditioning for weeks.

Additionally, workers had to work insane hours.

Flores and another former employee shared that because the staff was so short in this location, they would sometimes work 50 or 60 hours a week. It just wasn't working for any of the employees there.

Many people online were happy to see the employees standing up for themselves and leaving.

Other people online said it's time for Burger King and other franchises to wise up.

Many pointed out that chains like Burger King and other fast-food establishments have enough money to fix small things like a broken air conditioning system. And, if they don't, payroll should be reconsidered entirely in that location.

What an epic way to go!