Unsplash | Dan Gold

One Woman's Hope To Normalize Bloating Is My New Favorite Thing

Many women sometimes feel insecure and self-conscious about their stomach area throughout their day. It's not uncommon that all of our bodies fluctuate hour by hour the more we eat, drink, and even use the bathroom.

While Instagram and other social media platforms showcase tons of fitspo profiles and influencers with seemingly perfect bodies, some are trying to normalize what everyday bodies look like, too.

25-year-old Bree Lenehan is trying to normalize bodies with her new Instagram and TikTok series.

Lenehan started posting "Real Me Mondays" on her Instagram where she posts photos where she is posing and flexing her stomach side-by-side in the same outfit where she showcases her "real" self and her stomach bloat.

Her goal is to make people learn to love their bodies, no matter what size.

Recently, she also posted a TikTok video to showcase how our bodies change throughout the day.

She started off posing in her athletic wear, showcasing her flat stomach before she had eaten anything that day and after she had used the bathroom.

Her stomach appears to be toned and completely flat in the TikTok video.

Throughout the day, she showcases how her body changes.

After several different meals and snacks, Lenehan shows off her belly bloat and how it's changed over time throughout the day.

She dances with a huge smile on her face, showcasing that she's not ashamed of her bloat and she's proud of her body.

She reminds followers one important fact, too.

Lenehan reminds followers and viewers on TikTok that it's "common for the average body to fluctuate in weight by 3kgs over the course of a single day."

For many of us, seeing bloat or weight gain can totally make us feel bad about ourselves. But, Lenehan showcases that it's totally normal!