Stay-At-Home Mom Shows What She Does All Day After Boyfriend Claims It's Nothing

Considering how much emphasis we tend to place on our career trajectories and what we can do to make money, it's perhaps not a surprise that a lot of people tend to look down on homemaking.

But that doesn't mean they're right to do so, nor does it mean that those who spend their days caring for their children and the environments they live in don't work hard every day. After all, is it not true that these are among the first things people want to stop doing for themselves when they get rich enough to hire someone else?

But be that as it may, it's still possible to live in a serious relationship with someone and fail to appreciate what they do each day. And that problem led one stay-at-home mom to make what would turn out to be a very popular video.

Be advised that the video featured in this article contains explicit language.

As soon as her video begins, a woman named Sierra says, "My boyfriend says I don't do anything at all while he works all day."

This was a very frustrating and hurtful thing for her to hear, so she wanted to make it clear exactly how much she does do while he's off at work.

The footage is sped up, but she also runs through what she did the day after the fight that started this with a voiceover.

After doing the dishes as shown, she makes dinner for her young daughter, which includes a smoothie made with fruits and vegetables that she otherwise wouldn't eat.

Indeed, it soon becomes clear that much of the events of the video are a direct response to the messes her children make and a lot of the headaches along the way come from their fussy natures.

After all, washing her daughter's hair was described as a "battle," while putting her to bed involved following her specific pajama whims.

And once that was accomplished, cleaning the living room was constantly interrupted by her younger son's need for attention.

In between all the cleaning, bathing, dinner making, diaper changing, and laundry, Sierra finally gets some dinner for herself.

However, she still had to keep her son close to her when she did this, which meant that his ensuing bowel movement had some very unfortunate timing.

So both he and she needed a clothing change before she was able to finish it, after which she bathed the boy and put him to bed.

From there, she still had the work of cleaning the living room ahead of her, as well as sweeping and mopping all of the floors.

And considering what inspired her to make this video, it shouldn't come as a surprise when she then says, "Normally after I'm done with that, I would be texting him to ask what he wants for dinner but tonight I'm just gonna pour myself a drink."

But while her video made the case that she and her work deserve to be appreciated, it seemed that it worked a little too well as fans started to bombard her boyfriend with hate messages.

This led her to release a follow-up video in which he apologized for what he had said and she asked her new fans to stop this behavior.

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