The Internet Is Divided After Cardi B Throws Lavish Party For Her Daughter's 3rd Birthday

Being rich and being a parent are two things that are destined for criticism, especially on social media. Rapper and mom Cardi B has been called out for spoiling her toddler daughter Kulture before, and her recent birthday bash for the three-year-old is no exception.

Now, the internet is divided about how far a celebrity parent should go when it comes to spoiling their children.

Cardi B is truly one of my favorite Hollywood moms.

Her ability to remain successful and keep her family together is ultimate #momgoals and she and Kulture always look adorable while doing it.

Last month, the rapper revealed she was expecting her second child — such an exciting time for Cardi B and her hubby Offset.

This past weekend, Cardi threw her daughter the most epic princess-themed bash for her third birthday!

It was lavish. It was over-the-top. It was truly a Cardi B event down to the CRAB LEG TOWER.

Yes, a crab leg tower.

Is an ample amount of steamed seafood the way every three-year-old dreams of celebrating their birthday? No.

Is it a surefire way to make sure the adults have fun at the party? Hell ya!

A day after her daughter's lavish party, Cardi tweeted in reference to the event, saying: "Listen imma live my childhood dreams thru my kids."

The tweet sparked a lot of conversation Twitter, because, well... it's Twitter.

"Please just don't be overbearing they might have different dreams then you," tweeted one user.

"At this age stuff like this Is only for the vanity of the parents because the child isn't old enough to appreciate these things or understand," wrote one critic.

"Who cares about these two? Congrats you're rich," they concluded.

However, not everyone took Cardi's comments in the same way.

It's clear Cardi and Offset love their baby girl, and will surely adore their next child just as much.

I think it's great that they can do so much for Kulture, and we should be able to enjoy themselves!