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Stories That Truly Show Taxi Drivers Have Gone Through Some Weird Experiences

Being a cab driver is a lucrative job, but also one where you see a lot of different people in a lot of different lights. When you work in a big city, you may see people from all over the world.

Sometimes, taxi drivers leave the job with some crazy and interesting stories to share about people they have driven around. Some of them are just crazy!

A woman who propositioned the driver, in front of her husband!

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One cab driver said that a woman was "very drunk" and got into the cab with her husband. She proceeded to get into the cab driver's face, trying to offer to have sex with him, right in front of her husband!

Some people have crazy ideas.

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"I recently had some guys talking about a brilliant idea they had to pay a bunch of homeless people on bikes to generate electricity for their bitcoin computer while they fed them something cheap like eggrolls," one New York City taxi driver shared on Reddit.

One couple had a long ride breaking up.

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A cab driver said he had picked up four people, and two of them were in the process of breaking up after the boyfriend had been unfaithful. They had to drive around dropping off their friends, trying to "salvage" things before the guy got dropped at his parent's house alone.

The guy with the snakes.

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"My best friend's dad is a taxi driver. He told me he once had a guy in his taxi who was wearing a trench coat.

Turns out the trench coat's pockets were filled with snakes, and the guy started slowly taking them out one by one throughout the drive," one person said.

It happens to everyone, right?

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One taxi driver was driving around two elderly women who were having a normal ride and conversation when there was a bad small in the car. Automatically, it got quiet, until one woman said, "It happened. I've pooped myself." They gave him a 100% tip though!

The getaway driver.

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"My craziest passenger thought he was being tailed (high on something) had me drive around for twenty minutes to loose them. we ended up back where we started. he said I lost them so I must have done ok. Never saw the pursuers," one person shared.

This guy made out with some new kitchenware.

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One taxi driver had a customer come in with a briefcase, but the rider had left it behind after his ride. The company held it for a few days, and after a while, let the driver keep it.

It turned out to be beautifully custom-made chopsticks.

The ultimate reveal.

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"The most awkward thing I ever overheard was when I picked up two women from a bar who were going to different hotels. On the way to the first hotel, Woman #1 told Woman #2 that she had been cheating with Woman #2's husband. The ride to the second hotel was uncomfortably silent," one driver shared.

What a discovery.

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One Lyft driver said he was asked to transport a girl with a lot of plants and bags to put in the trunk. Not thinking anything of it, he did. Turns out, the plants were all marijuana plants. He thinks that the bags in the trunk were also filled with them, too.

A huge proposition.

"Once I took a group of students home from a bar, and one of the girls adamantly said, "HEY DRIVER. COME HAVE A THREESOME. COME ON." And I laughed, saying, "Oh, you..." but she must have been serious because she said seriously, "No really if you come up, you're getting a blowie." a driver said.

Well, that can't be good.

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"I was just driving around peacefully, picking up some fares to get to my goal. (We worked with targets..)."

And then, a guy jumped him!

"Opened my door, kicked me in the nuts, threw me out and stepped into my cab and drove off," one driver said.

This is awkward.

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"I drive cabs on the weekends, I have a lot of stories. One that sticks out to me isn't really the strangest, but most uncomfortable for me. It was 2 big girls whispering (very badly) about the kind of sexual things they would do to me," another driver wrote.

Ah, magic.

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One driver said in New York City, he picked up a. magician and because it was so late, he sat in the front and the two chatted.

His magic trick? He turned 4 $100 bills into 4 $1 bills and left him that for the tip. Ouch!

Talk about right place right time.

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" I picked up a girl coming home from work. We started talking about my education and what I did before Uber and it just turned out that her company was looking for my skills. She gave me her card, I shot her my resume and 2 years later I'm still working for that company," one driver said.

Tinder, where magic happens.

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One driver matched (and unmatched) with a girl on Tinder over a conversation over beer.

Fast forward to his Uber shift, he happened to pick her up as a client. He was mortified and hoped that she didn't recognize him. But, she did! And it was super awkward.