51-Year-Old Catherine Zeta Jones Looks Gorgeous In Makeup-Free Selfie

Catherine Zeta Jones is one of the most stunning women on earth. Not only is she beautiful, but she's an outstanding wife, mother, and actress too. It's no surprise she has remained one of our favorite actresses ever since she appeared on screen back in the '90s and now, Catherine is giving fans a glimpse at her no-makeup look.

Catherine Zeta Jones is beyond gorgeous — can you believe she's 51?!

I can't believe it, in case you were wondering.

The actress, who has been with hubby Michael Douglas for 25 years, recently shared a vacation selfie that fans can't get enough of!

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Since I won't be going on a luxurious getaway anytime soon, I like to live through *other* people, you know — like a normal person.

Recently, CZJ shared a stunning selfie from her latest trip and she looks so gorgeous, even without makeup on!

"Hello...." she captioned the mirror selfie.

Friends, fans and family alike took to the comments to tell the 51-year-old how radiant she looked.

Way to go, Catherine!