Woman Shares How She Protected Herself When Someone Tried To Drug Her

While a night out at a bar can be a lot of fun, the unfortunate reality is that when enough people with enough alcohol in their systems get together, things can get ugly.

But while it's sadly not uncommon for supposed good times to get violent, it's also true that bars and clubs can be a place where a much more subtle and sinister kind of violence takes place.

Because for some patrons, a bar presents many potential opportunities for someone to spike an unguarded drink with an incapacitating drug.

And after her own brush with this practice, one woman is sharing her story in the hopes that it will help others stay safe.

Be advised that the video featured in this article contains strong language.

In a video posted to TikTok, a woman named Aili said, "I had a really scary experience with my friend last night."

As she explained, she and this friend went to a bar they had never been to before and while they didn't think much of it at first, it soon became clear that a man and his two friends were following them around.

This started with Aili politely declining their apparent leader's offer to buy her a drink and continued when this group sat at the table next to theirs and followed them to the dance floor.

Although Aili and her friend told anyone who asked for a dance that they were gay and dancing with each other, this group seemed particularly persistent anyway.

And by the end of the night, two men in this group approached the pair and wordlessly thrust beers into their hands.

But while Aili's friend apparently started drinking hers immediately, she was able to stop herself at the last second.

In her words, "As I put my hand up to my lips, a voice dropped in my head and it said 'do not drink that.'"

So instead, she pushed her beer towards the man and told him to drink it.

And in a very revealing move, she said he actually backed away from it and emphatically said no.

Although it seems he tried to play this off by saying he got it for Aili, she said he wouldn't even take it when she said, "Let me see you take a drink."

Once this occurred, she stopped her friend from drinking any more, grabbed her arm, and told her they were leaving.

In her words, "As we were leaving the dance floor, he followed us out and I had to physically push him off me."

And while Aili and her friend were waiting for an Uber, it soon became clear that her concerns were well-founded.

In an instant, her friend went from being able to easily talk and dance to stumbling and having difficulty forming a sentence.

Soon, Aili noticed that the two men who approached her on the dance floor were still looking at her, but they disappeared soon after she made eye contact with them.

In a follow-up comment to her video, Aili said that her friend is OK after being checked out at an urgent care center and that she will be filing a police report and contacting the bar.

In her words, "We made it home safe last night but I know there's so many women out there who don't."

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