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Man Wonders If He's Wrong After Kicking A Catcalling Friend Out Of His Car

Although the fact that we're more connected than ever has its share of drawbacks, it has also provided an unprecedented opportunity to make the social issues we face more visible than ever.

And while I'm sure we could think of examples all day, one thing that's become increasingly clear now that we can carry cameras everywhere is how much harassment women experience on a regular basis.

Once upon a time, it was easier to downplay this kind of behavior as immature joking. But the more obvious that the effects of this kind of harassment have become, the clearer it is that it's no laughing matter.

But when one man reacted to his friend's catcalling, he learned that this understanding isn't quite as universal as it may seem.

After they went to work out, the man we're about to hear from was driving his friends home.

As he wrote in a Reddit post, they happened to pass by two women walking through the streets and one of his friends yelled that he liked the way their breasts jiggled before saying "How about you give the boys a flash?"

Upon hearing that, the man pulled around the corner and told his friend to get out of his car.

His friend thought this was a joke at first but he and the man's other friends started arguing with him when they realized he was serious.

As he put it, "He was saying it was just a joke and he was messing around everyone was on his side saying it wasn't a big deal."

Nonetheless, he persisted and said that if his friend didn't get out, he'd kick him out by force.

In his words, "He lived the furthest but I made him walk the rest of the way."

This made the man's other friends mad for the rest of the drive home.

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After they parted ways, the man called his catcalling friend to ensure he got home safely and told him not to say anything like that in his presence again.

Although his friend apologized for his behavior, he still thought that making him walk home was a step too far. Since this sentiment seemed to be echoed by his other friends, the man wondered whether he was in the wrong.

But as far as Reddit was concerned, the man acted exactly as he should have.

As one user said, "The only way to change entitled men who think they can comment on women they pass is by showing them it's wrong. You've done this. Way to go!"

Another was amazed by how he handled the situation for multiple reasons, saying, "Oh my God. Please don't ever stop being this considerate. You made sure your friend got home okay while also enforcing respect for women."

Another thought that the friend's reaction to being kicked out of the car was a little dramatic. In their words, "It’s not the eighties so he doesn’t have to search for pay phone to call someone. He can call an Uber. Screw that guy. Let women walk in peace, fellas."

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