'Barndominiums' Are The New Home Trend For Those Who Love Country Living

Who is longing for an escape from their daily living? Sign me up, ha, ha! I tell you, living in a city does have its perks like the proximity to shopping and all kinds of attractions.

But on the other hand, dealing with traffic and congestion can surely get to you. So it's no wonder city dwellers are checking into the latest trend, and what I mean by that is a "barndominium," my friends.

What the heck is that you ask?

Unsplash | Timothy Eberly

Well, let me explain it to you, okay? A "barndominium" is a barn structure converted into a condominium-type abode. There you will have all the modern amenities that a regular condominium normally offers.

So it's kind of like a new take on a tiny home but with a country twist.

You can get away from the city and stay in a cozy place where you have the best of both worlds. Does that sound good to you?

It does to me. I would go there in a heartbeat.

As it turns out, “barndominiums” are more popular than ever. The concept first emerged back in the late 1980s. A developer, Karl Nilson, created a community centered around an equestrian center in Connecticut.

He combined stables with a formal residence.

So that horse lovers and equestrians could enjoy this unique atmosphere. The concept didn't exactly take off then, but this modern version is gaining some new ground especially in the South and West.

Many new "barndos” are constructed out of steel frames and often offer a massive open-concept layout.

They also incorporate plenty of rustic wood or stone features to give you that country charm right upon your arrival. Wow, I like that.

Imagine escaping into an enchanted world of country living?

Together with horse stables, a beautiful garden with string lights, and a cozy gazebo — that's the kind of living I can get used to, ha, ha! My only question is, when do I get one of my own?

Not every "barndominium" is a converted barn.

Many of these modern barndos have been designed from the ground up, and it's up to the host to decide what kind of attractions the place will provide. If you really wanted, you could be waking up to the sound of a rooster or a cow, ha, ha!

Barndos are relatively uncomplicated and only need basic building materials.

They also require a shorter construction time than other structures, therefore they're easier to set up. So it's no wonder they are becoming the next best thing. I, too, wish I could build one.

So are you ready to get away from the city and venture into the land of country living?

Honestly, if there were a place like this near me, I would be booking it ASAP. I hope this trend isn't going anywhere soon, hee-hee!