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15 Things To DIY Instead Of Buy For Your Wedding

Weddings can be incredibly expensive, that much is for certain.

There are tons of ways to save money though, which is why we are compiling this super-helpful list so you don't have to spend thousands of dollars if you don't want to.

There's no reason to go in debt for one of the happiest days of your life!

Make Bridesmaid hoops out of craft supplies!

Redditor u/unplan4610 found 5 hoops at Walmart for $3 each, which is a total steal. Add some faux flowers and leaves in for a finished, chic look for your bridesmaids!

Add some magic into your wedding with the dollar store.

"We wanted a subtle nod to Harry Potter (Hufflepuffs engaged at Hogwarts), and we thought this quote was perfect for a Covid wedding! I DIY’d all of our table signs & Covid posters on Canva & put them in Dollar Tree frames. Crazy inexpensive but looked quite nice."

These table vases are incredible.

"I thrifted and gathered these vases over a few months, designed the layout and then completed it with my much loved and rather tired cricut explore."

A Cricut is a wedding DIY must.

DIY your wedding arch!

You'll need some faux flowers and an arch frame, of course, but I fully believe this is a super easy DIY. And it's a great way to make sure you get the exact arch you want!

Make your own industrial chic welcome stand.

This is actually not a hard DIY to do! You'll need quite a few PVC pipes and access to a large-scale printer (think Staples), but this DIY is quite simple. Check it out the materials you'll need here.

DIY a helpful wedding favor!

"First batch of our DIY wedding favors: homemade lip balm (super easy and supplies to make 100 cost just $40!)," Redditor u/bely_medved13 said.

This is a great and useful wedding favor that people would love!

Create DIY dried flower cones in lieu of tossing rice!

Sure, you could toss rice. Or you could toss gorgeous flowers! Press and dry flowers (or buy dried), create some branded cones, and hand them out to guests!

These place cards will add a bit of artistic flair to your tables!

"Guest names printed at home on watercolour card. Blue waves hand watercoloured on each corner then cut individually to be positioned on wine corks."

The letters represent what each guest ordered for dinner!

Provide a cute bucket of flip flops for your guests!

I LOVE this idea! Instead of dancing in uncomfortable shoes, make a little bucket of cheap flip flops for your guests to dance their butts off in!

Bedazzle your glasses!

Hit up Michaels and go crazy in the rhinestone area for this one! Hey, they might not be dishwasher safe, but they'll look AMAZING on your wedding day.

DIY a vine crown!

This sweet DIY is the perfect amount of glam for a boho-style wedding. Craft wire and beads were used to create this DIY, and the pattern was created off the top of the bride's head.

DIY boutineers are a great way to save money!

This is a super simple DIY that will save you a good amount of money, especially if you go the faux flower route. You can eve get gorgeous faux flowers at the dollar store!

DIY some glitter shoes.

If you want a glittery sole on your shoes, but don't want to pay a high price for them, never fear! Some mod podge and glitter will help you create your dream heels.

Make an Instagram sign.

If your wedding has a hashtag (and let's be real — most do at this point), then DIY a sign to let your guests know what it is! Love this idea.

Make some fun and funky ice!

If you're having a small wedding with lots of DIYs, this one will fit right in. Freeze flowers in ice and let them slowly thaw into your guests themed drinks!