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According To Some Stories, Bosses Have Had To Fire People For Strange Reasons

When you think of a person getting fired, typical reasons come to mind.

Things like always being late, poor performance, or being rude to customers.

What you don't think of is someone sneaking a goat to work, someone eating a customer's food, or someone faking sick and then showing up to their workplace.

And yet, these strange things all happened. Here, bosses are sharing their weird firing stories.

The vegan.

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While it makes total sense that vegans wouldn't want to work around meet, one girl applied for a job making sausages and then had the audacity to refuse to work with meat. Um, what?

The big bite.

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"New-ish server was dealing with a complaint a customer had with their BLT. Rather than having me talk to the table he took a bite out of it and said 'Im not seeing the problem."'- Redditor Mirraklewhippn

The gun show.


This Redditor shared that one guy was fired for bringing a gun to work.

He bragged to all the employees that he'd "accidentally" forgot to leave it in his car. Suffice to say, he was escorted off the property by security.

Oh, he baaaad.

"Had promised to babysit a friends' pet goat, and decided to bring it to the office in a box under her desk. Few hours went by, and the whole office started smelling awful, and people couldn't figure out where the freaking bleating came from." - Redditor ThoughtsOfFerg

Zoned out.

One employee wasn't feeling so high on life when they were fired for making two tables wait over an hour for their food. Since he had been smoking a joint, he forgot to put in the order.

The cup runneth over.

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"Every day at lunch, she would drink roughly half of her Jimmy Johns (or whatever) soda, then take it with her to the bathroom to fill it back up with whiskey." - Redditor Smitty_Oom

Faking sick.


If you're going to fake being sick, it's probably a good idea to steer clear of your workplace afterward...

One guy missed the memo on that when he showed up to eat with friends while stoned.

Trapped in the closet.

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"I had an employee lock another employee in a closet one time. The person that was trapped called the police from inside the closet. It was quite an HR nightmare." - Redditor racord360

Quite the pickle.

One lady got fired for throwing a tantrum over someone accidentally eating her bagel from the fridge.

Even after the person offered to buy them a new one, they were still upset. All we can think about is Ross's "MY SANDWICH?!" freakout from Friends.

Son of a beach.

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"New guy, around 20 yrs old or so, called in sick saying he thinks he had a stroke. Since he lived across the street from the store where we worked, we all then stood and watched through the store's glass door as he packed up his truck with beach gear and drove off with his girlfriend. Fired the next day." - Redditor MachineGunTeacher

Bottoms up.

You may have noticed that fast food drink cups have drink labels on top, along with little buttons to push down.

It's what one worker should have used instead of drinking a customer's drink in front of them to determine which type of dark soda was what.

The long break.

"My manager had to fire someone for doing cocaine in the toilets and then trying to gouge his own eyes out. I guess thats what working at a call centre can do to someone." - Redditor ma8jbr

Need for speed.

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As soon as one boss hired a new worker, the new employee stole the bus pass that another candidate had accidentally left.

Instead of giving it back, they said they needed it more than they did and left.

Going bananas.

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"He stole a bunch of bananas. Seriously. It was a college dining hall. He was an employee of the dining hall, and got free meals while on-shift. He was not working that day, walked into the serving area, hid a bunch of bananas in his bag, and tried to pass the cashier only paying for what was on his tray." - Redditor Elim_Tain

A messy situation.

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No one likes doing dishes, we get that

But what if you were hired to do dishes? Well, one boss had to fire the girl who was caught on camera throwing plates and silverware into the dumpster instead of washing them...

Hood rats.

"Two new employees got into a physical altercation because one claimed the other wasn't 'hood' enough, it was 2 females and this is an office job, absolutely ridiculous." - Redditor ryanzbt. Calm down, Brenda and Susan!

The cookie monster.

One guy just couldn't keep his hands out of the cookie jar... Instead of giving away the Oreo cookies that went with kids' meals, he was shoving them into his pockets for later. WTF?

New job down the drain.

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"First day, he made it to lunch. Was caught taking toilet paper rolls from the bathroom out to his car on his lunch break because he was out at home. :/ Come on man!" - Redditor Kuuzie

The helicopter mom.


One mom got her daughter fired from her job at a supermarket by hanging out at her job and watching everything she did.

Even after being told to leave, she refused and the girl was fired. Yikes!