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Woman Doesn't Stop Builders From Renovating After Showing Up At The Wrong House

As much as we love home improvement shows, they're not as dramatic as we'd like.

Enter: TikTok user named Chloe. She recently had builders mistake her house for someone else's. But did she stop them from renovating? Nope.

There has been a mixture of reactions to this, including people accusing her of theft.

gets out popcorn.

In the first video of the viral series, Chloe showed a truck dumping stones on her driveway.

"He at the wrong house," she captioned the video, which prompted responses like, "make a tiktok: yes...go tell him: no."

Part two, which has over 17.5 million views, showed the builders in the back, tearing her deck apart.

"Well, they're at the wrong house. But I'm not going to stop them because I would love to have free concrete or a deck, whatever they're building," she said as she watched them work.

People weren't impressed with this, with some saying that she's in the wrong.

But instead of listening to this, the saga continued with her sharing that she won't tell them they're at the wrong house until they're done.

Since people were accusing her of theft, she wrote "I will pay them anyway I wanted a new deck lol."

Some questioned whether the story was even real.

"It's not real bc they would've checked with them first ten did it and anyone knows that if this happened you'd go up and tell them," one wrote.

What do you think of this story? Is it real? If so, should she pay?

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