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Mom Breaks Down After Being 'Fat-Shamed' And Thrown Out Of Gym

Going to the gym and working out to lose weight and stay in shape is a very hard task. For some people who feel self-conscious about their bodies, going to the gym takes a lot of courage.

When people make you feel uncomfortable and even more insecure, it makes you never want to even go back.

Sometimes, gyms can be a toxic place for many people.

One TikTok user shared a video, in tears, of her own gym experience.

Shelby, who goes by shelby.bellz on TikTok, shared a video in tears of how she was "asked to leave" her gym over what she was wearing.

The TikTok user said that she had gone to her regular gym, ready for a workout, when she was stopped.

The woman at the front desk mentioned her outfit was "not gym appropriate."

Shelby was wearing a sports bra and high-waisted leggings for her workout.

However, the woman at the front desk said that at their gym, women are not allowed to wear just sports bras. However, her language was very harsh with Shelby, saying, "you can't have your belly hanging out."

Shelby even shared what he outfit looked like.

Her sports bra and high-waisted leggings left very little showing or hanging out, due to how high-waisted the pants were.

Shelby said that she would have remembered for next time, and began working out. However, she was then stopped again.

As she was working out, someone else who works at the gym asked her to leave.

In the middle of working out, Shelby was asked to leave the gym.

Shelby was in absolute tears, crying about how awful she felt and how embarrassed she was having to stop in the middle of a workout to leave.

Many people online were on Shelby's side.

When Shelby received a lot of comments saying she was "overreacting," others chimed in siding with Shelby.

Many said that this is the fear that individuals have when trying to go better themselves in a gym because they don't want to be called out for their weight.

Others said that "the rules don't apply to everyone."

Many women claim that the "rules" about clothing only apply to women who may be a little bigger or overweight, but never apply to women who are thin and skinny.

Others said they agree that it was selective.

However, some said that a rule is a rule.

Some people commented on Shelby's video saying that the rules are there for a reason, and the one big problem would be if the gym is discriminating against individuals and not holding every member to those same rules.

One commenter shared why gyms have this policy.

A TikTok user said that showing of the stomach and skin is oftentimes about bacteria transfer.

Instead of it being about looks, gyms want to make sure there are fewer bacteria on equipment for others to use.

Shelby said she wasn't "accusing the gym of fat-shaming."

Instead, she was more hurt and upset by the woman's comment at the front desk who didn't say "no sports bras," but specifically said, "you can't just have your belly hanging out," which made Shelby feel terrible.

Do you think that her reaction is valid?