102-Year-Old Woman Dances Along To Great-Grandson's Virtual Gym Class

Some say that age is just a number, and we couldn't agree more after hearing this story of an amazing 102-year-old grandmother from Arizona who decided to join her great-grandson's virtual gym class for some exhilarating exercises.

After seeing this grandma bust a move, we're done making excuses about skipping the gym.

This grandma was inspired to get moving after watching her great-grandson.

As Good Morning America reported, Julia Fulkerson joined her 6-year-old great-grandson, Brody Contreras, during his virtual physical education class where they not only did some stretches, but also some aerobics, too.

Although she has six grandkids and four great-grandkids, this was Fulkerson's first time joining one of them for a workout session.

Fulkerson has a history of independence.

Fulkerson has always been one to strive to be her own person. She drove a car and worked until she was 100, and until recently was forced to live away from her family due to the pandemic.

However, after her son and daughter-in-law received their vaccinations , Fulkerson decided it was time to be reunited with her family.

They were going to wait to have grandma join, but she decided to surprise the class.

Brody's mom Angie Contreras had asked his teacher if it was alright for his great-grandma to join in on the fun, but Fulkerson beat everyone to the punch and took part in the exercises on her own accord.

"I couldn't stop laughing and I thought it was the sweetest thing," Contreras told GMA. "I get such a kick out of her."

Fulkerson and her effortless aerobic moves have now gone viral.

Contreras decided to film Fulkerson, who is her husband's grandmother, while she participated in the class and the online community's reception to the video has gone beyond anything the family could have imagined.

After posting it, the video immediately went viral on Instagram. Various outlets and pages even re-posted it themselves, wanting as many people as possible to gush over this high energy grandma.

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h/t: Good Morning America