Brides Asks If She's Wrong For Leaving Her Bachelorette Party After MOH Made It All About Herself

Bachelorette parties are supposed to be one of the most fun parts of wedding planning. Finally, a chance to unwind and relax with your closest friends and family after months of stressful planning. However, when drama takes place at a bachelorette, it can have the opposite effect, causing true terror onto those participating and adding even more stress to the wedding.

A bride-to-be is asking if she's in the wrong for leaving her own bachelorette party after her maid-of-honor made *everything* about herself.

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Taking to Reddit, the frustrated bride explained her situation and asked the good, random people of the internet to tell her if she was in the wrong on not. "I (27F) got engaged to my fiancé in December 2019, around the same time as my BFF Chelsea (27F). We decided that we'd be each other's maid of honor.," the bride wrote.

"Chelsea and her ex split up shortly after the engagement because he cheated. My fiancé and I started planning a laid-back fall wedding a couple months ago."

She continued: "I asked Chelsea if she was still up to being MOH – she excitedly said yes. A few days later, she sent me a list of dates for a wedding shower at the place hers was originally scheduled at. I told her we weren’t planning on a shower because a lot of our friends/family were hit hard by the pandemic. She was upset but let it go."

"Something similar happened with the dress shopping. She had a list of places ready to go. I told her I wanted my friend, who is a seamstress, to make the dress. She convinced me to go shopping anyway, then ended up trying a lot of the dresses herself." Yikes.

"I was weary when she mentioned a bachelorette party, but she presented plans that seemed perfect: a hike, a nice dinner, then a drive-in movie with my dog. I agreed. She picked me up on Saturday but instead of driving to the park we were supposed to hike in, she took me to a lake house. My heart dropped because I knew she’d planned a house party. Lo and behold, I walked in and my bridesmaids were there, as well as the women who I suspect Chelsea would’ve picked as bridesmaids. There was also a lot of liquor."

To make matters worse, the bride doesn't drink.

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"My mother is an alcoholic and I want to avoid the same fate. While I don’t mind being around people who are drinking, it’s uncomfortable and depending on the situation, triggering. When I walked in, half the people there were already drunk. To make matters worse, Chelsea neglected to tell me until 9pm that she planned to stay the night. My fiancé was out of town and I had no one to watch my dog. Chelsea said "he’ll probably be okay, it’s only one night!"

The bride-to-be was able to call her future BIL to come and pick her up and take her home.

"I didn’t tell Chelsea myself (she was trashed at that point) and asked one of my bridesmaids too. Yesterday, I woke up with 20+ texts and calls from Chelsea and a few others asking where I was and if I was okay. I texted Chelsea back, who told me she was headed to my place to talk."

Chelsea began berating the bride, saying that she wished she would just act "normal."

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"Admittedly, I thought she was coming to apologize, and I lost my [explective]," the user wrote. "I told her I’d been walking on eggshells and compromising so I didn’t hurt her feelings but I wouldn’t anymore, and that she needed to stop living vicariously through me and planning what she’d want for her own wedding."

The altercation ended with Chelsea leaving and calling the bride a bad friend and the pair haven't spoken since.

What do you make of the situation? Do you think Chelsea was in the wrong? Let us know in the comments below!