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Non-Boomers Are Sharing The Boomer Opinions They Actually Agree With

For many people, their greatest fear is becoming like their parents. But sometimes, as difficult as it is to admit it — we have more in common with the older generation than we'd care to admit.

In a recent subreddit, non-boomers have begun sharing the boomer opinions that they actually agree with. Have a look and see what side of the line you stand on!

"I don't want my damn refrigerator connected to the internet. It has one job."

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Why do all appliances these days seem to come readily equipped with wi-fi and Bluetooth; isn't it all a bit redundant?

Personally, I don't want to worry about having to repair my fridge's speaker system — that to me just seems silly.

My phone is not my master.

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Cell phones and social media have created a world of instantaneous connection.

However, just because you send me a text, doesn't mean that I'm necessarily obligated to return the message right away. I'll get back to you when I'm good and ready and on my own time.

People who don't turn off "Read receipts" on their phones are psychopaths.

Why did Apple even invent this feature; so that we could learn for just how long our friends and family have been ignoring us?

Save yourself the anxiety and just switch it to OFF like a normal person.

"Five year olds[sic] don't need Smartphones."

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I hate to sound like a dinosaur, but I grew up in the "go play outside" era.

I'm all for giving kids a headstart when it comes to technology, but it shouldn't be used as a babysitter.

Social media is one of the worst inventions of the 21st-century.

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Reddit user Silvervirage said, "I genuinely think that it is single handedly[sic] one of if not the most damaging thing to the world that's happened in the past however many years."

"A 9pm bedtime is perfectly reasonable."

Is there anyone over the age of 25 who would disagree with this statement? Early to bed, early to rise — that's what I say. Although it's not like I have a choice. I've lost the ability to stay up past 10:30 PM...

Does every car need a touch-screen?

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"What's with car manufacturers now wanting to only put in a giant touch screen? Where are my physical buttons damn it! I can only deal with touch screens for phones and tablets." - Reddit u/rougemachinae

E-books are the worst.

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Reading a book is as much a tactile experience as it is mentally stimulating.

There's something about feeling the weight in your hands, the physical turning of the pages, and the most important thing — the smell of the paper.

Participation trophies are a terrible idea.

Parents are so afraid of hurting their kids' feelings, that most rec-league sports don't even keep score or announce winners.

Life doesn't give you a trophy simply for trying hard, so why are we setting our kids up for failure?

When subscription services try to upsell you.

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I can't count the number of times I've been watching Prime Video and I'll go to watch a show, only to get a message that says "Watch with a STARZ subscription."

Stop trying to lure me in with your bait and switch tactics!

Showing gratitude is important.

Something as simple as saying "thank you" goes an incredibly long way.

If someone goes through the trouble of buying you a gift, the least you could do is send them a card or a quick e-mail.

"Our society is wayyyyyyy too materialistic."

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Coming from someone who is still using a perfectly functioning iPhone 7 — I couldn't agree more.

The pressure that companies put on consumers to constantly keep up with the Jones is downright criminal.

"Not everything needs to be filmed and put on the internet."

I would even take this a step further and argue that most things don't need to be filmed and put on the internet.

If it isn't a travel photo, a puppy dog, or a person falling down — I don't want it.

Not everything has to be all or nothing.

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Redditor zerbey said, "Just because I disagree with your opinion doesn't mean I hate you, I don't need to agree with everything just to be politically correct. You can still disagree and be cordial. We seem to have forgotten that."

"My neighbors kids are always coming into my yard. I had no idea I was an old white man until this started happening."

As the saying goes, sooner or later, we all become what we hate.

One day you're the kid kicking the ball over the fence, the next you're the old man yelling at the clouds passing by.