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Sleep In A Room Full Of Stars With Hole Punched Blackout Curtains

Whether you're young or old, trying to sleep while it's bright outside can be a little challenging. Our eyelids are great and keep out a lot of things, but sometimes intruding sunlight is just a bit too bright for their liking.

Thankfully, you can find blackout curtains just about anywhere! But instead of buying regular old boring curtains, why not choose a product that's effective and magical?

You can buy hole punched curtains that make beautiful starry scenes.

With a decorative twist on the boring blackout curtain, you can now buy curtains with tiny shapes punched out of them! Forming magical scenes of stars, moons, and cityscapes, a blackout curtain doesn't only have to be functional. (Like these moon and stars curtains from Mangata).

You could even try making your own!

Kinryb | Amazon

Though there are a ton of products on the market, you could even try making your own hole-punched curtain! Hung in front of a window during the daytime, the magical curtains transform your room with dazzling "stars". Or, take a look at Kinryb's starry drapes on Amazon.

At night or in the day, hole punch curtains transform the light in your room.

HoleRoll | HoleRoll

Even at night, if you live in a city, your room can get too bright to sleep in. Pop on a set of blackout curtains and finally get the shut-eye you need - while still enjoying a gently sparkling display. This magnificent cityscape comes in a variety of styles and sizes on Hole Roll and is available for shipping worldwide.

Do you know someone who would love this?

ABREEZE | Amazon

Creating the magical effect of fairy lights without using any electricity, hole-punched curtains use the light that already exists outside to transform your room.

What do you think of hole-punched curtains? Would you try making your own? Let us know in the comments below! You can also buy the lovely curtains above on ABREEZE's Amazon page.

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