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Wrists Are Out And Fingers Are In With The Latest Ring Watch Trend

Knowing the time is extremely necessary in our bustling world. For centuries, people have been finding ways to make 'time' mobile. Wristwatch designs have come so far that they've even blended into the fashion and sports industry.

But this latest trend is taking watch jewelry one step further. Moving the watch from wrists to fingers, "watch rings" can now be found all over Instagram, Etsy, and other social media platforms.

The miniature watches are fully functional jewelry pieces.

Sold by a variety of sellers, these adorable gold rings can be found on Nejicommu's Instagram. A designer and maker of handcrafted watches, their shop is full of custom watches that subtly push the boundaries of fashion.

Some have a vintage vibe, while others are loud and colorful.

Adding their own unique flair to the watch ring trend, De.caron's rings look like the perfect pairing of vintage and new. Available in a whole slew of options, the Instagram watch designer claims that ring watches are "a timepiece every trendsetter needs to add to their jewellery collection".

You can find them all over Etsy and social media.

What do you think of the strange jewelry trend? Do you know anyone who would like one of their own? Or are you still trying to figure out why people still make watches when phones exist? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.