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People Are Sharing Important "Unwritten Rules" In Life Everyone Should Know

There are tons of societal rules that are unspoken, but well known. While we may follow them, not everyone else does. Therefore, there are "unwritten rules" that everyone should know about because they should make it a priority to do them.

Obviously, we don't all do them, or this would be a no-brainer. But, thanks to this Reddit thread, you are now more informed and a better person!

Get what you need, before you need it.

One person said that there are times when you should buy things before you need it, like a plunger.

Buying a plunger is good before you need it because hey, when you need it, you really do need it.

Don't take the last one.

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"Don't ask for something if the person only has one left.( Gum,cigarette,piece of cake etc.)," one person said.

If you're someone who takes the last anything from someone else, you might not be as considerate as you think you are.

Don't do the wrong thing.

When people are apologizing, they should be genuine and true to heart.

Sometimes, people try to apologize and throw in an excuse or two. It definitely runs the apology entirely and makes it feel rather fake and untrue after all is said and done.

Trashing someone else's car is super wrong.

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"Make sure it’s at least as clean as when you borrowed it. I once loaned my truck out to someone who needed to move a fridge. [Explicit] left his McDonald’s trash all over the passenger floor. I no longer speak to him," one person said.

Make space for others.

Whether you're double-parked or grocery shopping, not leaving enough room for others is a tragic issue that many people in society neglect.

We don't want to be waiting around forever, nor do we want to bump and hit other people!

Never make fun of others.

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"Never make fun of someone else's laugh, be it how they sound or how they look. Laughing is the most natural expression of joy and happiness and for someone to feel self-conscious about that because of other's comments is so brutal,"

Don't make it about you.

Someone shared a rule that should be universally known, but it has to be said regardless. You should never propose at someone else's wedding.

Why make their day about you? There are 364 other days per year you can do things!

Being wrong isn't such a bad thing.

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"You can be wrong. It isn't a bad thing, either. And when you are wrong, acknowledge it, and learn from it, you don't need to dig down in your beliefs to try and comfort yourself because you can't handle not being right all the time," one person said.

Niceness isn't always great.

Someone says being nice while driving will get you nowhere. Instead of being nice, be predictable.

Being nice can land you in a lot of accidents because not everyone else is so patient and kind when they are in a rush.

Ask others.

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"If someone asks you a question, finish what you’re saying with, “what about you?”

"Enjoy noticing how many people actually don’t do this," someone mentioned. Wow, that's actually very true! Many people talk about themselves but neglect the other person.

Treat service workers with respect.

Waiters, nurses, bus drivers, and just whoever is doing a public service to help and serve someone else in some kind of way, deserve to be treated like humans.

Stop being mean to people who you feel are "below you." We're all trying to make it by in life!

Always try to reschedule.

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"If you cancel and don’t reschedule, it’s often assumed you cancelled it not because you were busy, but because you just didn’t care enough about that friend. Rescheduling let’s them know you do still want to maintain the friendship," a Reddit user shared.

Don't mind the gap!

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Clearly, this person is thinking straight. When you're in a public bathroom, they said to stop looking through the gaps in the stall.

Whether you're inside or out. The entire thing is creepy and uncomfortable for everyone involved.

Respect people's sleep.

"There was only 1 rule in my house growing up...do not wake anyone up. My parents worked shift work. Its amazing to me now how many people don't respect sleep," someone shared in the comment thread.

Do not swipe!

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One that our parents need to learn is very simple. If someone gives you their phone to show you a photo or a video, do not swipe left or right through their other photos.

That is not a personal invite to stalk their photo drive. Look and keep it moving!