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People Are Sharing 'Nice' And 'Cool' Things People Do That Really Aren't That Great

The definition of "cool" has gone through a major overhaul over the years.

What was "in" a decade ago isn't exactly what's poppin' these days. Even millennials have been made fun of by Gen-Z's for their "cheugy" ways.

People's "cool" behaviors are also under a microscope. This began when one Redditor asked, "What do people think makes them look cool, but actually makes them look like a douchebag?"

Here are people's answers.

"Doing something nice for someone and video taping it for clout."

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Did you do something nice if you didn't upload it to TikTok and get a million views?

We're seriously starting to wonder if that's how most of the self-absorbed world thinks.

"Posing as being brutally honest."

"Constantly invalidating others is not cool and speaks of your inability to feel validated by anything other than hurting people. —u/MajorShowdown

This can also cross people's boundaries if they never asked for your opinion.

The "gift of gab."

There's a difference between gab and just words of nonsense to give people false assurances. The latter is what one Redditor's co-worker does often.

"It's a useful trick, I suppose, but when you hear him do it in real time, you realize he's just a very good liar."

The gossipers.

"The ones who don't know how to get attention so they start gossiping about everyone. And I'm like, I know your life is not interesting, but please have some respect for others and for yourself." —u/yourdaisy2

This easily describes any of the characters of Gossip Girl.

"Sharing their trash taste in music out loud on public transportation."

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No, you're not being nice and providing entertainment.

You're forcing your bad music in a cramped environment where people are just trying to decompress on their way to work.

"Picking on someone in a group and trying to get everyone else to laugh at them."


"Not in a 'Hey! Everyone’s joking around' kind of way, but in a 'being a nasty piece of work and embarrassing the person' kind of way. People like this suck." —u/OnemoreSavBlanc

Endlessly bragging about their private lives.

It didn't induce envy when this Redditor's boss was bragging about sleeping with a customer who had just walked in.

Or when he was talking about his wife's breasts. Just gross.

Bragging about failing school.

"Failing school does not inherently make you a douchebag, but bragging about it as if it's something that is cool isn't the best presentation of character either." —u/Imnotnotnotabot

How does that low-paying job feel?

"People who tease guys for drinking 'girly drinks.'"

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Don't they know that girly drinks usually taste the best?

It's a lot like a guy wearing a pink shirt: wearing one makes them more manly for not caring what people think.

"Vandalizing rocks, trees, etc. in parks and nature preserves."

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"It takes you out of the experience when you’re scanning a gorgeous landscape and your eyes land on ‘butthead + dingdong forever’ in bright colors." - u/Clevercapybara

"Driving around residential areas too fast in cars with really loud engines and those exhausts that go BANG, BANG, BANG all the time."

Sorry to break it to you, fellas, but this doesn't make you look cool.

It only makes you look like an inconsiderate jerk.

"Undermining a person everytime they try to talk."

"My ex did this to me and the amount of confidence I've lost is terrible. Still recovering after 3 years. Teasing someone when they gather guts to talk in a group and then laughing is useless. Cannot explain how badly it hurts." - u/quietbeing15

"Gatekeeping a music artist like they discovered them and are the whole reason for their success."

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These people seem to think that they have a monopoly on certain bands.

It's like saying a certain person isn't worthy of listening to The Strokes.

"Judging people for their music choices."

"Like when someone goes through your iPod/Spotify/whatever and is all 'eww you listen to this' then proceeds to tell you about the super edgy music they listen to that 'no one really knows yet.'" - u/LuckyBall3788

Supporting a celebrity they love and bullying those who don't.

It's fine to love certain celebs (even though they probably don't know you exist).

What isn't fine is writing mean comment to people who don't agree with everything the said celeb is doing.

Riding people's bumper on the highway.

"We get it, you're so cool that your life and the lives of everyone on the road don't matter. God forbid you spend 3 more seconds driving slightly behind someone else." - u/Squishy9994


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For some reason, people were taught this was "cool" during their teenage years. It's not, and the bad habit gets less and less cute the older you get.

Caring about the environment you live in is cool.

"Taking your dog to the restaurant when it’s not educated."

"Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, but having one barking next to me while I eat in a restaurant is something that I hate." - u/Gobadorgosleep

"Pants sagging way too low."


When we see people like this in the street, we have to wonder how uncomfortable that must be. And most have belts!

We also want to yell, "PULL YOUR PANTS UP, IT DOESN'T LOOK COOL."