People Are Loving Employee's 'Not My Job' Energy During Store Fireworks Fiasco

On June 21, shoppers in Eagan, Minnesota and viewers on Twitter were stunned to see a fireworks display in a Hy-Vee supermarket ignite as the store was rocked with explosions.

And while the blaze inside was certainly something to behold, even those in the area who didn't see knew something was going on as one user recorded a series of popping sounds heard from the parking lot.

But while it's hard to upstage an out-of-control fireworks display, Twitter users couldn't help but be enthralled by one employee's understated reaction to the carnage.

As far as police can tell, the display was intentionally lit by a group of juveniles.

As KSTP reported, three youths have since been arrested in connection to the incident about a half-mile from the store.

The flames resulting from the alleged stunt have also been extinguished and no injuries have been reported.

The store temporarily closed after filling with smoke but reopened the following morning.

But while most shoppers were understandably compelled to leave the store immediately once the fireworks started raging, one employee couldn't let the moment go to waste.

In a brief clip uploaded to Twitter, he can be seen recording the blaze with his phone before calmly slinking out of frame.

And it seems people are relating hard to the way he carried himself.

Even though the footage is too blurry to get a good luck at his face, his body language says it all: "I don't get paid enough to deal with this."

And from the way that so many people love it, it's clear that they're well-versed in how exhausting a retail environment can be.

As one user put it, "You can tell this guy has been in retail long enough to not care."

Another said, "Love his 'I’m not paid enough for this [expletive], time for a coffee break' energy" while yet another was just impressed by him in general.

In their words, "This kid is low key cool as hell."

And as many have been quick to point out, it's not like this employee could have done much about the situation anyway.

In fact, it's likely that he's been specifically trained not to.

As one user put it, "Working in retail one of the very first things employees are trained to do is document and then AVOID dangerous situations. Do not chase thieves. Do not become involved in physical altercations. Absolutely do not [expletive] about with an entire fireworks section exploding."

I wonder if that means future employees might see this clip in an actual training video someday because it's apparently a decent example of what you're supposed to do.

Minus the part where he stood around recording it, I guess.