Mom Devastated After No One Shows Up To Son's Sixth Birthday Party: 'My Poor Little Man'

Every parent wants nothing more than to have their child be happy. So when something gets in the way of that, it's easy for a parent to get emotional, and hey, who wouldn't? Children are so innocent, we want nothing more than to make them have great childhoods.

So when one mom had to watch her child play alone on her birthday, you can imagine how hard it was for her to watch that.

If you were having a good day, I'm about to ruin it.

A mother of a sweet boy called JJ had no one thrown up to his sixth birthday party, where twenty-two people were invited.

Not one person showed up to the birthday.

The mother acknowledged that even though they are in a pandemic, since the province had reopened and the birthday was outside, she definitely expected at least some people to show up.

"Sorry the video is shaky, I am so upset for this poor guy. He deserves better. He's amazing." she posted.

Thankfully, there was so much love that came out for JJ from people online.

After her video went viral, people ended up coming to the rescue, asking if they could send JJ gifts.

To make it even more heartbreaking, he asked that whatever toys they wanted to send to him were instead sent to a children's hospital.

Yeah, my heart is breaking.

Thankfully she later explained that she reached out to family friends and family members to come to the park to meet with them.

Thankfully, two families ended up showing up and one even came with a gift for JJ.

Still, it is so sad, and hopefully next year he is able to have a proper birthday.