Woman's Bizarre Way To Apply Sunscreen Has The Internet Divided

We all know sunscreen is super important — it's been drilled into our brains (and pores!) for years now. Gone are the days of lathering up in baby oil, sitting directly under the sun with a piece of tinfoil hoping to get crispy. Now, it's all about floppy hats, long sleeves, and SPF, baby!

Recenly, a woman went viral with her bizzare way of applying sunscreen.

When it comes to sunscreen, we've all experienced the sensation of applying *too much* on ourselves.

There's nothing worse than rubbing sunscreen into your skin for 15 minutes when you know you've been overly generous with your squirt.

Now imagine doing this technique on purpose.

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after applying an ample amount of sunscreen on her face.

User @marentreed, a licensed esthetician, shows her followers how she applies her SPF.

"You know the drill," she says to the camera as she begins to apply.

She goes on to apply so much SPF she looks like she's wearing a white face mask.

"I know I look crazy right now," she jokes as she continued to work the sunscreen into her face.

She continues to rub the sunscreen into her neck, behind her ears, and on her chest.

The final clip shows the finished product with all the sunscreen rubbed in — I can only imagine how long that took!

Viewers in the comments were divided, to say the least.

"Girl, that's too much," wrote one viewer.

"I genuinely thought it was a joke at the beginning," echoed another.

However, some people were loving this skincare routine.

"Doing this exact thing with sunscreen has made me aged backward y'all... find the right sunscreen for you and DO IT!" wrote one fan.

"Guys sunscreen is actually really good for your skin," agreed another.

What do you think about this method? Would you ever try wearing this much SPF? Let us know in the comments down below!