Unsplash | Luma Pimentel

After Husband Doesn't Believe His Wife Is In 'Real' Labor, She Gives Birth In Their Car

A woman knows her body best, but sometimes the signs are so complex that not even she knows what's going on.

That's certainly what happened with one mom-to-be in America, when she ended up giving birth in her car because she waited too long to go to the hospital.

But her husband has a big role to play in this story.

Gayla Thompson from Nashville, Tennesse, had a very interesting labor with her second child.

She hadn't been feeling well after a hard work day, and it was so hot outside. So she was in pain but didn't think anything of it.

Her contractions were so irregular that she didn't even realize she was in labor.

Because of the fact that her labor pains were all over the place, they thought it was Braxton Hicks.

So they didn't get into the car to go to the hospital right away, and they decided to hold off until the next morning.

But because of the pain from the next morning, they left right away.

Because of how quickly the contractions came following the inconsistency from the night before, the husband didn't believe that she was in pain.

"The contractions happened so suddenly and got so bad so quickly, that he truly believed they weren’t real." she said.

But she was screaming her head off, completely in pain. He didn't even want to call 911.

But once his baby started to appear, he stopped the car on the highway and went around to help bring the baby into the world.

So this poor woman was basically in labor for two days, and when the child came out, it was to the sweet highway sounds.

Luckily, mom, child, and dad are all doing great, and that's what matters!