Kindness Goes Viral As 'Avalanche' Of Gifts From Reddit Crash Charity's Website

The collective power of Reddit can do some special things.

Case in point: a charity that helps foster kids in need has been inundated with donations after it was featured on Reddit.

It all started this week with a single comment on the r/AskReddit forum, when a user answered the question "What is something you've done purely out of the goodness of your heart, but have never told anyone?"

Here's the comment.

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User u/dartdoug said they'd used the One Simple Wish website to buy a bike for an 11-year-old in foster care, fulfilling that child's one simple wish.

One Simple Wish seeks to fulfill wishes for kids in the foster care system. "Through our innovative wish-granting platform, you can send some love to a child who needs it," their website explains. "When wishes come true, kids not only have a chance to just be kids, but they can also make important connections, experience new things and find their passion!"

The comment was upvoted thousands of times and received a whopping 48 awards.

That was hardly the end of it.

The comment spurred donations from other Redditors who saw u/dartdoug's comment, to the point that the One Simple Wish website crashed from the volume of traffic it was getting.

So, the founder of One Simple Wish did an AMA.

Founder Danielle Gletow answered questions following the influx of support.

"It was CRAZY," she wrote. "We couldn't figure [the traffic] out because this has only happened before from national media like CNN years ago."

She cried tears of happiness.

Gletow posted this video of her crying (what she called "ugly crying") when she found out about the Reddit post. It's really quite moving.

It's an inspiring story.

The "avalanche" of support from Reddit users fulfilled every single wish a child had left on the charity's website.

It's pretty incredible what the internet masses can pull off sometimes, and just from one simple post, isn't it?

Make sure to check out One Simple Wish on Twitter for the latest, and share your thoughts in the comments section!

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