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Dad Hurts Daughter By Missing Her Wedding To Attend Stepdaughter’s Instead: 'I Tried My Best'

Weddings are meant to be one of the happiest days of a couple's life, but that isn't always the case.

Sometimes it doesn't live up to their expectations, and other times something goes so horribly wrong that it can end up ruining the day for everyone.

This is one of those instances.

Family is a complicated thing, and when it comes to weddings, it can be even more complicated.

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In fact, one father wanted to know if he was in the wrong for attending his stepdaughter's wedding instead of his daughter's.

"My daughter has always been resentful of my stepdaughter and growing up, we've had to deal with a lot of issues related to this resentment."

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"The unfortunate reality was that my ex and I had shared custody so naturally, I saw my daughter less then my stepdaughter." user OddRip2252 wrote on Reddit.

His stepdaughter's father had passed away and they had a close relationship from the get-go. He had always made sure to treat them both equally.

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"In 2019, my stepdaughter sent out a save the date for her wedding for a Saturday in September. My daughter immediately called me, furious and accusing her stepsister of deliberately planning her wedding the day before hers."

"My daughter sent her own save the date a week later for the Sunday on that same weekend."

"I talked to my stepdaughter who said it was pure coincidence and that she doesn't even talk to my daughter after all those years of them not getting along."

However, the father ended up hitting a wall when he noticed that the two weddings were happening 13 hours away from each other.

And naturally, both daughters wanted him to walk them down the aisle. The problem was that a lot of the extended family chose to go to the daughter's wedding over the stepdaughter's.

"I did the math and I calculated that if I left my stepdaughter's wedding at 10pm and drove through the night, I'd make it with 2 hours to freshen up and get ready."

However, the father got lost along the way, and ended up missing the daughter's wedding completely.

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"My daughter's stepfather ended up walking her down the aisle by himself," he said.

Naturally, that did not go over too well.

He does feel like he tried his best to make his children happy, but also understands that he seems to have failed one completely.


In fact, the stepdaughter and her husband have been criticized on Facebook by some of his daughter's friends, saying that the stepdaughter planned it all on purpose.

When he tried to clear up everything with his daughter, he was pushed aside.

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"I gave my daughter and son-in-law an additional gift of money to go to Japan, which has always been their dream. It was a lot of money but I hoped it would be a sort of way for me ask forgiveness."

"They had to postpone their trip because of covid but my daughter refuses to even consider any sort of forgiveness."

"The few times she picks up my calls always ends with her bringing up the wedding and getting angry at me again."

So he asked the people of Reddit what they thought, and if he was in the wrong.

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A lot of people in the comment section said that he should have gone to his daughter's wedding instead of his stepdaughter.

Especially since he tried to buy her off. Most people admitted that he did try his best, but his plan wasn't the best.

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