Things People Think Look Cool But Prove They're A Jerk, According To The Internet

We hate to be the ones to break the news, but if you have a tendency to gossip about others, listen to loud music on public transit, and drive in a residential neighborhood like you're on the freeway, the internet thinks you're kind of a jerk.

Sorry, we don't make the rules — we just share them for all to see.

"I’ve had dates who were dismissive / slightly rude to servers and it was a huge turn off." — Hersheys79

This Redditor isn't alone in viewing someone who's disrespectful to staff at a restaurant as a major reason to abruptly end a rendezvous.

"This is one of the few things that would make me walk out on a date back in the day," says Redditor Bucktown_Riot.

Other users hopped into the conversation, suggesting different strategies a person could take when walking out on a rude date.

"Walk over to the waiter, pay for your meal plus tip. Walk out," says one Redditor.

"Leave with the waiter," adds another.

Honestly, they both seem to be pretty good options.

"Picking on someone in a group and trying to get everyone else to laugh at them." — OnemoreSavBlanc

"Not in a hey! everyone’s joking around kind of way — in a being a nasty piece of work and embarrassing the person kind of way," the Redditor went on to explain.

Yeah, being on the receiving end of this kind of 'teasing' is not fun in the slightest. Sorry, but picking on someone isn't a joke. Period.

"Sharing their trash taste in music out loud on public transportation." — LightningEdge756

This. This is why headphones were created in the first place.

And one Redditor provides a compelling reason as to why people taking transit don't want to listen to obnoxiously loud music for the entirety of their bus ride home.

"Everybody in the bus is getting out of work or school, they are tired and don’t want to listen to your music [plus] the sound of people speaking [plus] the sound of [the] road," they add under the thread. "It’s just too much when your [sic] tired."

"Vandalizing rocks, trees, etc. in parks and nature preserves." — Clevercapybara

But the Reddit user didn't stop there. They went on to explain why this vandalism ticks them off so much.

"It takes you out of the experience when you’re scanning a gorgeous landscape and your eyes land on ‘butthead + dingdong forever’ in bright colors," they say.

While some users shared in the original posters frustration, others took a more satirical approach.

"‘butthead + dingdong forever’ Who says romance is dead," Redditor Chairboy adds.

Well...they do have a point.

"Doing something nice for someone and video taping *[sic]* it for clout." — VoodooMoose-

There are plenty of channels on YouTube that are based exactly around this — showing an act of kindness to someone else and recording the whole encounter.

YouTubers MrBeast and David Dobrik are both internet personalities known for their 'generosity' that some fans perceive as having ulterior motives, namely monetary gains from millions of views.

"The ones who don't know how to get attention so they start gossiping about everyone." — yourdaisy2

This Redditor didn't hold back as they continued their frustration of people with loose lips, "And I'm like 'I know your life is not interesting but please have some respect for others and for yourself."'

Can we get a yikes!

"Teachers who are proud of many of their students not passing." — Nightwarper

Let's be real, we've all had a teacher like this. Their first encounter with a brand new class come September is filled with lots of pessimism, instilling of fear, and the declaration that they're notorious hard markers.

And by the middle of the year when the majority of that same class is failing these teachers wear a proud smirk while uttering the words: 'let this serve as a reminder that I told you my class wouldn't be easy.'

"Gatekeeping a music artist like they discovered them and are the whole reason for their success." — Scarceb

The Redditor went on to explain that they aren't frustrated by people who choose to support a certain artist. They're annoyed at individuals who feel entitled to determine "who is worthy" of being a part of a fanbase.

Let us make it simple — it shouldn't matter if you discovered a musician the very first day they released a debut single or the day they dropped their fifth album. Everyone should be able to enjoy music without being shamed.

"People who tease guys for drinking 'girly drinks.' If a guy wants to drink a Strawberry Daiquiri let him drink it in peace." — garry4321

"If you’re a man or woman and identify as one, whether you drink a strawberry daiquiri or a beer, it doesn’t make you any less of a man or woman," writes Redditor slushyattack under the thread, gathering support for other users.

It goes without saying that we totally agree!

"Posing as being brutally honest. Constantly invalidating others is not cool and speaks of your inability to feel validated by anything other than people." — MajorShowdown

Sure, others usually tend to appreciate honesty but that's to an extent.

If someone throws an insult at another person and excuses the behavior as "just being honest" that's definitely beyond honesty. In fact, it's moving into the malicious territory.

Sorry, we're just being honest.

"Judging another person for their interests even if the other person’s interests don’t affect or hurt anyone else." — Flat_Weird_5398

"The other day I had an acquaintance tell me how a friend of mine who likes to collect Funko Pops must be such a virgin even though the guy is literally married with a kid on the way," the user continued in their post.

Understandably, the comment garnered plenty of support for other decent humans who agree that making fun of someone for their interests is the complete opposite of cool. Rather, it's pretty pathetic.

"Driving around residential areas too fast in cars with really loud engines and those exhausts that go BANG BANG BANG all the time." — blackcurrantcat

Yeah, we've likely all been jolted out of bed at 3 a.m. by one of these obnoxious drivers. Especially, this Redditor who's apparently witnessed plenty around his neighborhood.

"I have never seen one of those cars and been like, 'Yup, that guy has it all together,'' shares user petrovmendicant.

You and us both, Petrov.

"The line between joking and bullying can be a thin one, and a lot of douchebags either don't see it or they just don't care." — TRA157

We're leaning towards the 'just don't care' side. And so does Redditor wanna-be-wise who explains that this 'thin line' is all about respecting boundaries.

"If someone gets offended by what is meant as friendly banter, a bully will minimize and blame you for not taking a joke or being too sensitive," they say. "A non bully [sic] apologizes and avoids going there again."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

"Being proud of their own ignorance. It's okay to not be smart. It's not okay to be proud of it." — xxkoloblicinxx

Confused? So were other Redditors, causing the original poster to clarify what exactly they meant by someone who's proud of not being educated on a subject.

"It's okay to be wrong as long as you're willing to admit it," the poster explains. "What is not okay, is being willfully ignorant and/or stubbornly clinging to patently false information."

"Constantly telling people about the women they've slept with or were otherwise involved with." — Obamas_Tie

"I knew a guy like this in college, he was one of the most obnoxious dudes I've known," the user continued in their post.

Yup, he definitely sounds like quite an unpleasant person to be around.

"People who say anything they want: insults, racist slurs, pure meanness, and then when they get called on it, say 'It was just a joke.'" — someguy14629

Are you sensing a theme here? People who say or do whatever they feel in the spur of the moment and then defend their horrible actions with the excuse 'it's just a joke' are the actual worst.

Clearly the internet agrees, these people aren't looking to get a laugh out of those around them — they're just plain ol' jerks.

"People who flaunt / brag about their expensive car. (Especially the ones who’s *[sic]* parents bought it for them)." — Actuaryba

Most Redditors under this post were unanimous that these people are not fun to be around.

However, they also maintain that there's a clear difference between someone showing off their expensive car because they're proud of the hard work that awarded the vehicle and those who brag simply to put others down.

"Being proud of not reading a book since high school." — Thepettiest

One Reddit user came to the defense of not reading a single book since finishing secondary education.

"I haven't read a book since high school, but I'm not proud of that fact," shares Redditor PixelMagic. "I simply prefer other mediums to absorb content. I have nothing against books at all."

Well, when they put it that way, not being able to enjoy reading shouldn't really make you automatically categorized as a jerk.

A little uncultured? Sure. But a terrible person? Certainly not!

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