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Single Woman Shares The One Question She Asks All Her Tinder Matches

For some, the world of dating is harder to navigate than ever before. With dating apps widening the pool an extreme amount, it can be really hard the find the one, or even narrow it down a little.

One girl came up with her own method of screening matches on Tinder with one very simple question, and the results were absolutely wild.

Tinder is a finicky and delicate place sometimes.

Trying to foster good connections to potentially build a relationship off of while also weeding out poor matches can be tough! That's why TikTok user @burn4chlo, or Chloe, devised her own method to sort through matches.

"Asked all my tinder matches... 'Why aren't we dating yet?'" she wrote on screen in a video before showing off the results.

Before the experiment even began, people were commenting on her method.

"This is such a clever way to find the cheeky ones with good senses of humor," wrote one commenter who sounds like they might give this a shot for themself.

In fact, many seemed interested in trying, with another user saying, "Don't mind me while I literally go do this."

Before we worry ourselves with other testers, though, let's check Chloe's results.

She showed just a fraction of the long list she sent the message to.

With the unmatch feature at the ready and the willingness to judge, her journey began into deciding which men to follow up with.

There were, of course, those who didn't want to try too hard.

Some were seemingly uninterested in engaging with the with the question, offering low-effort answers. Like Jordan here, who just wrote, "Very good question lol."

Then there's the opposite, those who jumped too far too fast.

Zach immediately went to the extreme. "Idk I think I love you," he started before suggesting they should go on a date, truly putting the cart before the horse.

Finally, there are those who come back with the perfect response.

Sam here had an answer that was funny and unique, immediately making himself stand out among the other respondents. In fact, he was the one who caught most of the comment section's attention, with tons of people telling Chloe that she should pick him.

Overall, the trial was a success!

Chloe got to observe many different types of men and find those who were willing to put in a little more effort right from the start. It's probably the best character profile you can get from one innocent question!

No update yet, but we're hoping she listened and chose Sam to pursue!

What do you think of Chloe's approach? Let us know in the comments!

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