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Clever Dog Food Station Has Hidden Storage Compartment Underneath

Katie from Addicted 2 DIY is a mom to two boys and an adorable dog named Dakota. Starting her own DIY blog, Katie has created many genius storage hack solutions; always discovering new ways to keep a rowdy house tidy.

With a dog that loves to splish-splash the water in her bowl all over the floor, Katie's latest DIY is a brilliant dog food station with a hidden storage compartment.

Step 1: Build The Box

Addicted 2 DIY | Addicted 2 DIY

Starting with a few 3/4" plywood boards, Katie measured out a simple box. Sized to fit a plastic storage bin full of dog food, her handy feeding station would be the perfect place to store Dakota's dog food.

Using 1" x 3" pine boards, she then added a basic trim to the sides of the box; instantly transforming it from "basic" to "custom".

Step 2: Make The Lid

Addicted 2 DIY | Addicted 2 DIY

Measuring the diameter of Dakota's food and water bowls, Katie used a jigsaw to cut round openings in another 3/4" plywood board.

To help give the feeding station a more polished look, she then glued 3/4" square trim around the edges of the lid.

Step 3: Paint And Stain

Addicted 2 DIY | Addicted 2 DIY

Sanding down the entire surface, Katie moved on to staining and painting the feeding station. When the surface was dry, she attached the lid with a few hinges she found at The Home Depot.

Step 4: Have Your Dog Test It Out!

Addicted 2 DIY | Addicted 2 DIY

Finally, the feeding station was complete! Placing her storage bin into the box, she shut the lid and set down the dog bowls. Running over for some tasty kibble, her dog can now drink without flipping her water bowl!

What do you think of Katie's DIY? If you want to see more of her wonderful inventions (along with a full materials list), head over to Addicted 2 DIY and show her some love.