People Share The Crazy Stories Of Why They Quit Jobs On The Spot

We've probably all had at least one job we've hated so much, we dreamed about quitting on the spot. Then there are those who actually do quit on the spot. Apparently, there are a lot of reasons why one would walk off the job.

A bunch of Reddit users shared their stories that show why they walked away from their jobs. I'm in awe of how many bad jobs and managers exist out there.

1. "Working at a zoo food court kitchen. It was just carnival food basically, pretzels, chips, ice cream and Bahama Mamas for the moms taking their kids."

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"I got a concussion cleaning cabinets and had to staff a fundraising banquet and the chef made too much chicken picatta then went off ranting at me blaming me even though I had no involvement," generalsystemsuserna says. "My doctor told me to quit and I did."

That definitely sounds like a bad workday. I don't blame them for walking away.

2. "I worked in a pet store for one day."

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"The stress of the poor animals (they sold puppies and kittens) and their living conditions gave me some hardcore empathetic fatigue," LivingCakeLife says.

"I just didn't come back after that first day. But right before my shift ended I somehow managed to completely destroy the plumbing in the utility sink so I guess we're even."

This seems like an even exchange, not going to lie.

3. "A BBQ joint, they moved me to dish shifts alongside a pay increase."

Unsplash | Hulki Okan Tabak

"Found out from other dishwashers they were starting them off higher than they were now paying me. Ask boss for a raise to this amount, get told no, quit," says diabeetus01.

There are a lot of jobs that just, like, straight up don't pay their workers enough. I wouldn't blame anyone for quitting because they know their worth.

4. "Was working a high volume Italian restaurant chain on garmo (salads, appetizers, flatbread pizzas, desserts)."

"Easily over 1000 covers a night. Had been there about a year and the last few weekends I had to solo the station when usually there were 3 of us," says youenjoymyself.

Yeah, if one person is doing the job of three people, it usually isn't a good sign...

"One beautiful summer Friday evening I found out I was soloing again, so I asked the chefs if anyone was available to give me a hand."

"They said they called a guy who’d be in by 6pm. 7pm rolls around and still no one."

The fact that they let this person work alone without any support, all while doing nothing when they guy the'd called didn't show up, is just downright sleazy to me.

"I was way too burnt out to do another weekend of this alone."

"I [told] the chef right at the window I’m putting in my apron and towel - I’m done. Walked out, waved goodbye to the servers on the patio, and drove home. Best feeling ever."

There's no better feeling than walking away from a bad situation. Seriously. The person who posted this was right to do that.

5. "I was a steak cook at a Ponderosa."

Unsplash | Kaysha

"We had a new shift supervisor who was terrible and seemed like she wanted to throw weight around before learning any staff dynamics. Someone spilled something by the buffet and, instead of asking the buffet workers, asked me to mop it up," HotsauceMcGuyver shares.

Remember, this is a steak cook, not someone who has a bit more time to clean spills...

"She came back five minutes later and said now the floor is wet and I need to drymop so customers don't fall."

"She said that she gave me an order and my job was to follow it. I told her 'Well it seems like you have a very specific idea of how you want the floor done, so maybe you should take care of that so that you know it's done correctly.'"

Uh oh. Here we go.

"She said if I ever talked to her like that again, she would tell the manager and get me fired."

"I told her, 'Don't bother. Have fun explaining to the customers that they can't have steaks tonight.' and left."

Frustrating supervisors are definitely one of the worst parts about any crappy job.

6. "Boss told me I was scheduled to work the weekend of my wedding."

LawlessHawk tells us, "Told him [I've] had that scheduled and approved for 6 months now. His exact words were 'sorry, but i [don't] care.' Told him [I'll] go get supplies for the weekend. Packed my s*** and turned my phone off."

I'm actually pretty sure it's against most company policies to schedule a person when they've booked time off, so this Redditor was right to just leave.

7. "I was training at MoneyMart, a predatory payday loan company in Canada."

Unsplash | Jason Leung

"The company-wide intranet training course spent my second day focusing on how to up-sell people on products they could not possibly pay back" Coziestpigeon2 says.

"I sat there for four hours, then told my "manager" that this was not the job for me, and never came back." Some jobs aren't worth sacrificing your morality, I guess.

8. "I worked at a customer support centre for a pretty big company."

"An employee's mother had an operation for the removal of a tumor... and it was only a 50% chance she'd survive," says ManholeCanon.

"When he asked for 2 days leave, the manager said no because the influx of calls and emails was too high. The man quit on the spot and so did half the team and I."

Love the solidarity here. That manager has no heart.

9. "I was working at a popular quick service salad restaurant as an assistant manager."

Unsplash | Jasmin Schreiber

"During the interview, I specifically said I could not work nights and weekend and they were like, 'ok cool no problem,'" follow_your_lines recalls. So far so good.

"After my training and opening a store, I got my actual schedule: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday from 3pm-11pm." Of course, their promises were too good to be true.

But wait, it gets worse.

"A GM from another store must have seen how unhappy I was and was like, 'wtf are you doing here?' I basically shrugged and said, 'I don’t know.' She told the area manager who called a meeting with me within the hour."

"The area manager was like, 'your role is to support the GM in whatever she needs.'

'You have to love your job otherwise you can’t work here. Can you commit to this?' And I thought about it for .0004 seconds and said, 'nope. I can’t commit to that. Consider this my notice. I’ll send it formally tomorrow with a final date.'

The fact that they went back on their arrangement and expected the poster to be happy/grateful about it? I wouldn't have stayed, either.

10. "Worked at Best Buy years ago. This was my second job, that I worked at for fun and the discount."

"Back then, when the next weeks schedule was done a manager would hand it to a person on the team and they'd put it in our little media backroom," says nicless. "Well, I didn't have my schedule for next week yet and it was Saturday. There were none to be found which was odd."

"I asked a manager for a copy so I knew when to come in and she refused, 'I'm tired of printing out new copies for people.'"

"Well, I can't come in if I don' t know when I'm supposed to be there. So, I just never showed up again. Best part was that I still got the discount for like 6 months."

Okay, that's actually hilarious. If managers were just a little nicer to their employees, then they wouldn't have people quitting while keeping their discounts intact.

11. "Got in trouble working at Walmart one time."

"Christmas season in the toys dept. Everything was everywhere. Didn't have enough time in the night to put everything away and restock all the shelves," Ornery_Reaction_548 tells us.

During those busy holiday seasons, I can only imagine how hard it is to keep up with everything. Especially in a big box store where there are just so many aisles of product.

"I was given 3 days off without pay (which I probably would have put up with)."

"But then they also wanted me to write an essay on what I did wrong and how I would correct it. I just told them to fucking do it themselves then, and walked out. Best thing, really."

Yeah, if a job tries to make you write an essay (and that kind of thing isn't already in your job description), just walk away. It's not worth the effort.

12. "Boss was arrested for murder. Turns out he burnt down one of his buildings for insurance money and someone died."

"I had been there for only a couple of weeks, he was the most abusive person I've ever worked for by far," says rosanymphae. "I was debating it, so when the police burst in and arrested him, I locked up and left."

Yep, that's probably one of the biggest job turn-offs I've ever heard of in my life.

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