Michelle Pfeiffer Shares Rare Selfie With Her Daughter

Michelle Pfeiffer is not only a Hollywood legend, she is a MASTER of the Instagram selfie.

I'm serious: Michelle knows all her perfect angles and knows what the people want!

At 63 years old, it's hard to believe the Scarface star is not aging in reverse.

So when Michelle posted a rare selfie with daughter Cladia Rose, fans couldn't get over how gorgeous they both looked!

Michelle Pfeiffer is one of the hardest working women in Hollywood history.

There are few films as iconic as Scarface, Batman Returns, What Lies Beneath and The Fabulous Baker Boy, and guess what?! Our girl Michelle has starred in all of them plus SO MANY MORE!

Fans of Michelle know her family is insanely important to her, and she tends to keep her private life, well, private.

So when Michelle posted a selfie with her gorgeous daughter Claudia Rose, fans were so excited to see them together!

As fans may recall, Michelle adopted her daughter as a newborn back 1993, eight months before she and producer David E. Kelley tied the knot.

Now, the gorgeous mother-daughter duo shared a rare selfie together looking as gorgeous as ever!

"Out on the town with my girl," the star captioned the sweet selfie.

Friends, family and fans were gushing over the pics in the comments.

"Beautiful inside and out. Have so much fuuuuuun!!!" commented one fan.

"Have a purrrrfect time! Get it?! Anyone get it?!???" joked another.

It's so awesome to see Michelle and Claudia looking so happy!