McDonald's Employee Who Suddenly Quits Sets Off Debate Online

Most people have dreamed about quitting a job that they hate but very few of us ever get to live out that fantasy. Recently, an ex-McDonald's employee got to do just that and more.

After mounting frustration became too much to bear, they decided to quit in the middle of their shift. The story is truly incredible, but the outcome seems to have the internet divided.

Just this past week, a McDonald's employee decided that they'd had enough.

Frustrated and fed up, they decided to close the restaurant down early and walk off the job.

Before the employee left, they affixed a sign to the drive-thru speaker that read, "We are closed because I am quitting and I hate this job."

The very next morning, Twitter user @GreatApeDad noticed the sign and tweeted out a picture.

At that time, the restaurant was indeed open but nobody seemed to notice the sign that the ex-employee had left behind.

@GreatApeDad told Today food why he took a photo of it.

"I just see there and one of the monitors which had been not working for many weeks, that sign that was posted there so I personally thought it was funny."

"So I took a picture, uploaded it to Twitter not thinking much of anything about it."

"I used to work in the service industry myself." they continued.

Unsplash | Brett Jordan

"I think that people are just frustrated, especially the working class[sic] people who are there in the front line."

I have to say, I agree, and I don't think the pandemic made it any easier on people.

The majority of people thought that what the ex-McDonald's employee did was a stroke of brilliance.

Twitter user @FruityBruno also used to work at McDonald's.

They said that everyone they used to work with felt the same level of disdain and would have happily walked off the job, as well.

A few tweets were even pointing out that it was important for this person to put their mental health first.

Considering everything the world went through during the pandemic, I'll have to agree with that one.

Life is too short to hate what you're doing, in my opinion.

"No one knows what it is really like working for fast food like McDonald's." one Twitter user said.

Unsplash | Erik Mclean

"I started working at McDonalds this year & I can tell you I've never felt so over worked in my life! Before I worked at waffle House and I thought I had it bad but McDonalds is a whole different story!!"

While others took issue with the manner in which the employee decided to quit.

Unsplash | Shahbaz Ali

Twitter user @joerock513 argues that human beings who are unwilling to do the jobs that they willingly applied for are a recipe for disaster.

Another user tweeted:

Unsplash | Quinton Coetzee

"I am just guessing but this isn't exactly a resume builder. Am I right?" they said.

Which is also true. If someone asks why they quit their last job (or how) it's not always a great story to tell.

Luckily, one good thing that came out of all the tweet were the tweets about the ice cream machine.

It's practically a running gag at this point that the ice cream machines are never working.

So the tweets saying this was to cover up for the ice cream machine really made my day.

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