Couple Refusing To Take Down Tiny Pride Flag Under Mailbox After HOA Fine

A tiny Pride flag, the size of a standard sheet of printer paper, has caused a major flap in a Miami neighborhood.

Bob Plominski and Mike Ferrari, a couple who live in the city's Oakland Park neighborhood, stand to receive an initial fine of $50 from the neighborhood HOA.

Needless to say, they're not happy about it.

The flag is small enough to fly under their mailbox.

Despite this, the Eastland Cove HOA issued a citation because the Pride flag is apparently not on the list of approved flags.

"I got upset," Plominski told NBC 6 South Florida.

It seems like an unnecessary use of the HOA's powers.

Plominski says they've flown the flag before.

"We've done this before and it's a simple showing of our pride to the community, and it's up for 30 days," Plominski explained. "We were in shock they were going to do that."

Someone in the neighborhood got offended.

The citation was spurred by an anonymous complaint.

"I really think the citation is because it's a gay pride flag and someone in the neighborhood is offended," said Ferrari. "Simple as that."

The HOA board says it isn't discrimination.

NBC 6 reports that a member of the HOA board claimed the citation was not discrimination, saying they were merely following rules that say only American or military flags can be flown.

The flag's staying up regardless.

"It's going to stay up until June 30th," said Plominski. "We as a community worked really hard to earn and get to where we are today. We're not going to back down on this one."

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h/t: NBC 6 South Florida