John Stamos Opens Up About His Sobriety Journey: 'I Had To Straighten Up'

John Stamos is one of the most beloved celebrities in Hollywood. Ever since his days as Uncle Jesse in Full House, Mr. Stamos has been my #1 heartthrob.

Now, the actor and dad is getting candid about his journey to sobriety, and how a close friend in Hollywood helped him with his journey to recovery from substance abuse.

As fans know, John Stamos is thriving right now.

Not only is he happily married to Caitlin McHugh, but he has also been embracing his role of dad to three-year-old son Billy Stamos.

However, John's life wasn't always so picture perfect.

Chatting with Collider the 57-year-old thanked his former co-star for his hand in his sobriety journey.

"I think I was meant to meet Josh Peck," John said of the former Drake and Josh star. "Josh Peck was a big inspiration in my recovery."

John and Josh starred together on the 2015 Fox sitcom, *Grandfathered,* before it was *wrongfully *(according to me)* canceled.

Around the same time, the actor explained that he was "going down a wrong path" and "had to straighten up."

"Then, I'm on this show with this guy who was then in recovery for many, many years, playing my son. That part was meant to be," he recalled.

"I wouldn't be alive if I hadn't straightened up, and he was certainly part of it.."

What an inspirational story, we're so proud of you John!

h/t: Collider