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Mom Makes Whimsical Seashell Sculptures On The Beach With Her Daughter

Anna chan first started her new series on the beach with her daughter during the Covid-19 lockdown. Forming a beautiful animal sculpture out of shells in the sand, Chan's interest was peaked.

A jewelry designer by trade, Chan has always admired the art of sculpting. Now, digging deeper into the sandy medium, Chan says creating the seashell sculptures feels like stepping one foot closer to her dream.

It all started as a mother-daughter venture.

Walking the sandy beaches with her daughter, what started as a mother-daughter venture has become her new dream. Fascinated by the variety of shells the sand has to offer, every day Chan digs deeper into the art of shell sculpture (with the help of her daughter, of course).

Fish out of water.

Coming across an area of burgundy-hued sand, Chan was delighted by the unusual sand color. Reflecting on how varied sand color can be depending on your place in the world, Chan creates a colorful shell fish; its bright colors popping against the darker sand.

Bashful Blue Jay.

Inspired by the Blue Jays in her backyard, Chan even incorporates tree boughs into her design; depicting a bashful Blue Jay resting on a branch. (Say that five times fast!)

Bah-bah black sheep.

Made up of colorfully swirling moon shells, Chan says these spiral treasures are some of her favorites to collect on her Long Island beach. Through careful sizing and shell placement, Chan manages to create a 2D sculpture that has real depth and dimension.

The lion king.

Collecting pits of broken seashells within the sand, Chan says these shattered shells have become her favorite beach find. Creating new magical shapes, she loves being able to recycle the shells and give them a whole new life.

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In love with the beauty and variety found in shells and sand, Chan continues to add to her animal sculpture collection every day.

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