Alex Trebek's Daughter Remember's Late Dad On First Father's Day Without Him

As far too many of us know, Father's Day can be an incredibly difficult day. Any holiday that honors a specific person can always be filled with mixed emotions and heartbreak. This year, Alex Trebek's family is mourning the loss of the late Jeopardy! host on the first Father's Day without their dad. Alex's daughter, Nicky posted an emotional tribute to the late star.

The *Jeopardy!* community is still mourning the loss of longtime host and friend Alex Trebek.

The 80-year-old died in November 2020 after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

In the months following his death, Jeopardy! has had alternating celebrity guest hosts, but it's easy to see no one knew the show like Alex did.

Now, his daughter Nicky is paying tribute to her late father on the first Father's Day following his death.

Posting a picture of herself and her father on Instagram, Nicky wrote: "#happyfathersday✌🏼🤍 The world is not the same without you but you sure left the most beautiful mark!"

She continued the tribute with a picture of the late host petting a muskox.

"Definitely dad‘s #spiritanimal 🦬He really loved this mammal in all it’s #majestic #peacefulwarrior #muskox #umingmac #happyfathersday," she captioned the sweet pic.

The Saturday before Father's Day, Nicky posted a picture with two of her siblings, Emily and Matthew Trebek.

She captioned the sweet pic: "Seems like a minute ago."

It's clear Nicky was missing her dad on the eve before her first Father's Day without him.

The comments were filled with love from family, friends and fans.

"Alex Trebek is my hero in television since I was a kid. He will be in my heart and mind forever," wrote one follower.

"It seems to me that you were a very lucky Girl to of had your Dad!" echoed another.

We're thinking of everyone who is missing someone special today.