Kate Hudson Posts Sweet Tribute To Kurt Russell For Father's Day: 'Lucky Us'

There is no celebrity couple that fills my heart with joy the way Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn do. Not only are they a gorgeous, timeless duo, but they have also done things their way and don't care what anyone thinks! Kurt has truly stepped up and been an amazing father figure to Goldie's children and now, Kate Hudson is celebrating stepdad Kurt on Father's Day with the sweetest post.

It's no secret the entire universe loves Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.

Not only are they one of the most iconic Hollywood duos, but their love story is one for the ages.

Nothing warms my heart more than seeing how much Goldie's kids love Kurt!

A few months ago, Kate posted a heart warming tribute to Kurt in honor of his 70th birthday.

Posting a rare throwback photo, the 42-year-old wrote: "I’m gonna gush cause I don’t often about this man but I figure since today he turns 70 I’m gonna let it out."

"Plus he’ll never see this," she joked.

"I often wonder how different our life would have been if he never entered the picture. How different I would be. Let me fill you in."

"He’s a pick up your boot straps kinda dad. Don’t cry, shake it off you’re ok, kinda dad."

"Don’t let ‘em push you around you got this, kinda dad. Don’t listen to the noise you’re doing great, kinda dad. Shake those hips like no ones watching, kinda dad."

"Always get back on the horse, kinda dad."

"Never miss a show or game, kinda dad. Kids before anything, kinda dad. Work hard play hard, kinda dad. My girl can rule the world, kinda dad."

Kate continued:

"His laugh will echo through generations as powerful as his concocted stories of grandeur that may or may not be true (may we never know). He’s an original. One of kind."

"A powerful, intelligent, talented, loyal family man," she gushed.

"He has taught me that we can all exist with immense love through our differences. And his dedication to my mother and their fight for love forever is as admirable as it gets."

"I love this man so much!" Kate continued.

"A note for all dads of girls. He gave me the gift of confidence instilling a knowingness in me that I deserved everything I worked for and I knew that he’d always have my back in whatever challenges may lay ahead. When you have a dad who gives you permission to be confident you live courageously. And that’s my insta love letter to my dad who has lived 70 years today."

Now, Kate is posting a touching tribute to the 70-year-old in honor of Father's Day.

"Our great loyal protector. Our dependable authentic captain. Our wild, sometimes untamed adventurer father!" she began.

She continued:

"From skiing out of helicopters, flying in open cockpit planes, dirt bikes, bareback horse riding, motorcycle rides, boat racing…a childhood and adulthood of adventure."

"Our Pa always makes life fun. Always down for exploring, always ready to take on the good life with his family."

"He’s one hell of a Dad. Lucky us. Happy Fathers Day Pa I love you so much," she concluded.

I love this family so much, they're just the sweetest!