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The Internet Is Divided Over A Dating 'Expert' Who Claims Men Should Always Pay On The First Date

As progressive as our society has become, we are still clinging on to some severely outdated gender roles — specifically when it comes to dating.

Recently, TikTok user @ask.nelly sparked a furious debate after she posted a video asserting that men should never let a woman pay on the first date.

The dating world has evolved a lot over the past few decades.

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The days of courting and being curious about how someone's wrist look are long gone.

Now, it's almost infinitely harder for people to date.

Between all the games people play, and the way technology somehow finds a way into your dating life, it can be hard for people to navigate it successfully.

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It gets even worse for both parties when you realize there are even RULES to follow.

In fact, some people believe that some of those more "old-fashioned" rules should still be in play today.

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Like picking up your date, bringing them flowers, and even paying for the dinner.

Every. Single. Time.

A bold statement, as in today's world, people tend to split a bill!

Self-proclaimed dating expert @ask.nelly says that men should always pay on a first date.

She says that if a man asks a woman out and expects her to pay her share, that it shows that he's not only cheap but that he was also raised improperly.

She even said you shouldn't date outside of your price range.

"By that [dating out of their price range] I mean you're taking a girl out on a date you can't afford to do, so instead of trying to flex on a nice dinner, you're better off taking her on a picnic in the park."

Nelly says that even the most "progressive" women feel this way.

Any woman who says otherwise simply isn't being honest, according to Nelly.

She says that women feel this way "Not because they can't afford it, but because it shows us your character and if you're a girl and you've paid for first dates, I want to tell you that he ain't it sis."

Her video has sparked quite the debate and currently has just shy of 100,000 views.

Many of the comments, from both men and women, echo Nelly's original argument.

But some were quick to point out how hypocritical Nelly's point of view really was.

Others felt that this was reverse sexism, and only served to reinforce outdated gender roles.

If Nelly is accusing men of being raised improperly simply because they insist on splitting the bill, what does that say about her priorities and the things she values most?

One user replied:

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"As a man that likes to show how much of a provider I am, I'll take a girl to a picnic at the park if I have no money, over dinner at a restaurant."

One woman wrote:

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"Am I the only woman who always either pays for the first date or splits it and would never let a man pay? It makes me uncomfortable when people pay."

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