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Give Your Patio The Cutest Summer Vibes With A Mini Condiment Picnic Table

It's BBQ season y'all! The sun is toasty, the patios are cleaned, and the BBQs are brushed off and ready to go. Call your friends, because it's time to get grilling.

If you're looking for some cute patio decor to get your place ready for guests, there are some wonderful options this year, including this adorable miniature picnic table!

It even comes with an umbrella!

Karen Higgs | Facebook

Equipped with its own miniature umbrella, you can buy a mini picnic table for all of your BBQ condiments! Watch your salt and pepper go on a date with ketchup and mustard with this adorable centerpiece concept. (Because why shouldn't condiments have fun too?)

You can find the tables on Amazon, or other home decor stores.

TRENTON | Amazon

Available on Amazon for only $12, TRENTON's condiment table is painted red and ready to party. If you don't like red but like the product, you can paint over the table with any design you want! Or look through Amazon for further picnic table options. (There are a ton!)

Ready for that BBQ life.

With this little bench on top of your table, your BBQ hangout is bound to feel like a true summer fiesta. What do you think of the cute centerpiece, will you be bringing it out for your backyard parties? Let us know in the comments below.