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T-Shirt Cat Tent Is The Purr-Fect Cave For Your Spoiled Kitty

Raise your hand if you'd literally do anything to make your cat happy? (I know it can't be just me). As wild and crazy as my cat can get, sometimes he just wants to find a quiet, dark place to rest.

Sure, there are plenty of cat den options you can find at pet stores, and even some pretty fancy DIY versions you can make yourself. But what if you want a simple, quick, cost-effective solution?

Turns out you can make a cat tent out of a t-shirt!

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Using only a few materials, you can make a cozy tent for your cat in literal minutes! Sharing her tutorial on her blog Dear Crissy, Crissy walks her readers through a simple cat tent tutorial.

All you need is a t-shirt, clothes hangers, and some cardboard!

Crissy | Dear Crissy

Laying out the materials, all you need to begin is a square of cardboard, duct tape, a hole punch (though even that isn't necessary), a utility knife, two clothes hangers, and one of your old t-shirts.

Start by making the simple frame.

Crissy | Dear Crissy

To begin, Crissy starts with a simple square of sturdy cardboard and punches a hole into each of the corners. Next, she cuts apart two clothes hangers with wire cutters, then bends the wires from one corner of the cardboard to the other, making a domed tent shape.

Then, throw your t-shirt over it!

Crissy | Dear Crissy

Draping a large t-shirt over the frame, she positions the neck opening so that it functions as a tent door. Then, she uses a few pieces of duct tape to fold the excess shirt in place under the cardboard base.

You can even add a cushion for some extra comfort.

Crissy | Dear Crissy

And that's it! Quite literally completed in minutes. If you want to give your kitty the ultimate glamping experience, fold up a small blanket or pillow and place it inside the tent. Now place it on the ground and watch your little fur-baby drift off to sleep.

Watch your kitty fall in love!

So quick and easy, Crissy's DIY was inspired by a very similar Instructables tutorial, and is the perfect craft to spoil your cat rotten with. (I cannot get enough of how cute this white cat looks.)

Do you think you'll give the craft a go?

What do you think, will you try it at home? My own cat is very dolefully staring at me while I write this, so I think I'm now obligated to give it a shot. As always, tell us your thoughts in the comments below, and let us know if you do give it a go!