Sylvester Stallone Shares Rare Photo With All Three Of His Daughters

Sylvester Stallone is one proud dad — as he should be. The 74-year-old recently celebrated his youngest daughter's high school graduation and shared a rare photo with all three of his daughters to commemorate the special moment.

Any girl dad can relate to the struggle of trying to get the perfect picture with your darling daughter(s) but it seems Sly has figured it out!

Sylvester Stallone is known for being the ultimate boxer and eternal hunk, Rocky Balboa.

Off-screen, however, the dad of three lives in a female-dominated house with wife Jennifer Flavin and their daughters, Scarlet, 19, Sophia, 24, and Sistine, 22.

The 74-year-old also has a son, Seargeoh, 41, from his previous marriage to Sasha Czack.

Tragically, the former couple’s eldest son, Sage, died of a heart attack at age 36 back in 2012.

Back in 2012, he opened up about what it was like to lose his son.

“It’s tough. It’s very very tough,” he said on GMA.

“It’s a horrible situation but, time, hopefully will heal and you try to get through it. It’s something that’s a reality in life.”

He continued by saying:

“It’s important to get back and try to start re-living your life. Otherwise you can go into a spiral.”

And he definitely did just that, and continued to show his other children, undying love.

From one look at Sly's social media, it's easy to see the actor's greatest pride is being a dad.

His Instagram account is filled with pictures of his family and it's so sweet how deeply he cares for them all.

He once posted a gorgeous picture with the caption:

"There’s nothing better than having the respect in the love of your children. It’s the greatest wealth in the world. I’m trying to get photos with SCARLET and SISTINE but they’re not easy to nail down."

"They have very busy lives, thank God"

It's extremely clear that he is obsessed with his children, and that is something we definitely love to see from all fathers, not just celebrity dads.

He also loves showing off how proud he is of them for their accomplishments.

This is what brings us to his most recent photo that he posted with his gorgeous family thanks to a great celebration.

Sly's youngest child, Scarlet, recently graduated from high school and proud papa Sylvester shared a sweet photo to commemorate the event.

And yes, in case you were wondering, the 19-year-old is a gorgeous, striking mashup of both her beautiful parents.

"Congratulations on graduating high school to our wonderful daughter SCARLET!" the actor captioned the sweet pic.

Truly one of the most beautiful families I have ever seen! Sylvester has every right to be very proud of his gorgeous girls!

Aren't they so gorgeous?

I think it's amazing that all through this tragedy, Stallone has still been able to have a wonderful life with a happy family.

It's truly what he deserves.