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The Internet Is Divided After Dad Brags About 14-Year-Old Son Working 'Every Day He Can' At Burger King

There is nothing like getting your first part-time job. For most of us, it happens in high school — the feeling of independence and freedom is, dare I say, intoxicating. I remember working a bunch of service industry jobs in my teens in an effort to save money and spend it all on stuff I didn’t need. Of course, my parents were proud to see me take initiative, but how hard should teens actually work?

One father is learning the hard way that teens shouldn't spend all their free time working after getting flack online for bragging about his son's dedication to his part-time job at Burger King.

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While no one is denying having a part-time job is a great way for teens to learn responsibility, where is the line drawn?

Father Chris Crawford recently posted about his 14-year-old son’s work hustle on social media.

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"HUGE shoutout to this kid of mine, 14 years old [sic] and has a PT job at Burger King, not only does he work every day he can including weekends when most kids are out enjoying their summer he goes in early and stays late almost every time he works, he loves every minute of it."

The father absolutely gushed over how proud he is of his child for taking the initiative to become a solid hard worker.

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He continued: “Making his own money, saving for a car, being responsible in his decisions, becoming a respectable young man!!!!”

"I couldn’t be more proud of him."

Chris Crawford, whose Facebook bio reads “I'm a Father, a friend, and a GOD fearing Man” concluded his post by saying "Some of y’all lazy, grown ass people out there should take notes!!"

The post soon went viral after Twitter user @kittynouveau shared the post with a caption reading “god this is depressing.”

The tweet sparked conversation about how the father should be more concerned than proud that his son spends all his free time working.

“I'm sorry but a kid choosing work over summer is an indicative of something dark happening somewhere,” tweeted one concerned Twitter user.

“Didn't know @BurgerKing was exploiting child labor too,” tweeted another user.

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“If this kid is really 14 and working as much as claimed, BK may be in violation of state and federal child labor laws. An investigation is warranted depending on the jurisdiction.” they concluded

Another tweeted:

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"It is indeed. I'm sorry but a kid choosing work over summer is an indicative of something dark happening somewhere. And for all those "muh but children must know how life works": you're actively supporting exploitation and child labor."

However, not everyone saw the hours as a huge problem.

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"Why is this depressing that he likes to work? I worked my senior year of HS at 17, it made me feel responsible and I did it on my own will."tweeted one user.

"[explective] y’all proud of this kid for working and making his own money."

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"I hope he buys himself a nice car just to show everyone here they ain’t [expletive]" echoed another.

"Well if it's sad-- maybe middle/upper-class ppl can fight for better wage for service workers? Maybe ppl wouldn't be forced to work? Oh. No. You just want to judge. Ok."

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"If you didn't have to work a fast food job as a kid, just say your parents took care of you, admit privilege." one person also said.

What do you think of this whole situation?

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