Will Smith Shares His Relatable Struggle To Remember How To Work Out After 2020

While Will Smith is a man of many talents with some real range in his acting abilities, it's nonetheless true that a lot of the movies we associate him with are pretty action-packed affairs that give him a chance to kick some ass.

So while it's certainly understandable that quarantine and just everything that was going on in 2020 would throw a wrench in his usual routine, it was still kind of jarring when he said he was in the worst shape of his life back in May.

In the time since, he's clearly wanted to do something about that but his most recent Instagram updates are a window into a pretty rough start that looks familiar to a lot of us right now.

Over the the past week, Smith has made it pretty clear that returning to the gym has been a struggle for him.

And of course, the rougher things are going when we're exercising, the more likely we are to make a goofy face while we're doing it.

So when he captioned this pic with "Please don’t use this pic to photoshop me into precarious situations," it was pretty much inevitable that people wouldn't be able to resist doing just that.

And while this big tire seemed to take him down a peg as well, one thing that quarantine clearly hasn't affected is his sense of humor.

And while that's already pretty evident from what we've already seen, his most recent attempt to relearn the gym life is the funniest and most relatable yet.

He bounds into the gym with a confident stride but it's not long before he realizes just how much work is ahead of him.

As he captioned the clip we're about to see, "Feeling the burn in places I didn’t even know were places."

But his problem isn't just that his workout feels more strenuous than it used to. There's also the fact that muscle memory isn't always something we can depend on.

Because it looks like he's having quite the rough time trying to remember how you're supposed to use these machines.

And I have to admit, while what he's doing definitely looks wrong, I can't really say I remember how this equipment is supposed to work either.

At least the part where he uses that rope as a swing looks fun. I can't say the same for some of the other parts, though.

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