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Woman's Tweets About Her Dad's Wish To Work At Costco Get Him His Dream Job

In a year full of tragedy, job-losses, and overall bad news, there's nothing better than finding a reason to celebrate. Even if that reason is for a total stranger's new job.

When it comes to social media, people will rally behind the most random and oftentimes nonsensical things. It's nice for a change, though, to see such a heartwarming story that's been loved by thousands.

It all started with a Twitter thread.

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Rebecca Mix, a writer from Michigan, recently decided to Tweet about her dad's wish to work for Costco. Like a good number of Americans, Rebecca's dad, Jeff, was laid off from his previous job as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The time came to get back to work.

A year, and countless home projects later, Jeff was ready to get back to work, hoping to land himself something he could do until his retirement.

He wanted a job where he could be up and moving for most of the day. While other opportunities like UPS or FedEx driving were possible, he had his heart set on Costco.

Costco was the goal.

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For Jeff, working at Costco was kind of a dream. It's the kind of job where you're moving around all day, interacting with customers and other employees.

The company also has a reputation for being a great place to work, thanks to all of its benefits and perks.

The Twitter thread wasn't super serious.

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Originally, Rebecca had started the thread in a semi-serious fashion; many of us take to social media to document the random parts of our lives. Still, there was always the off-chance that she could get a job lead.

"At best, maybe someone might have connections to a local store," Rebecca says in an article for the Guardian.

Yet to her surprise, it did help.

Sometime later, Rebecca logged into Facebook, where she had received a message from a local Costco manager. As it turns out, the CEO of Costco (of all people) saw Rebecca's Twitter thread, and sent a memo to one of the local stores to set up an interview.

Then, she played the waiting game.

Jeff managed to get a coveted Costco interview (not with the store whose manager messaged Rebecca, but one a bit closer to home). But Rebecca was stuck waiting to see if (and when) he'd get the job.

A ton of people replied to Rebecca's tweet, hoping her dad gets the job.

Rachelle (R.Raeta) writes, "This is so wholesome. I wish your dad all the best in getting his dream job!"

Iryshgirl comments, "Your dad looks like like he has the perfect "energy" to work for Costco. His smile says it all!! Good luck! I have had friends over the years who've loved working for them. Great company and we shop there every week too!!"

And of course, he gets it!

Jeff had sent Rebecca a text saying nothing but, "thank you," accompanied with a picture of his brand new name tag. Lo and behold, Jeff is now one of Costco's newest employees.

Congrats, Jeff!

The best part? He got to show off how he got the job.

Jeff had his first day of work earlier this June, where he got to break the news to his new coworkers that he's, in fact, the "Twitter guy," which promptly caused the whole store to freak out.

Honestly, this is probably the best part of the story for me.

And it's (mostly) thanks to the internet.

The internet and social media aren't perfect places. They aren't all fun and games. But when something like this comes out of it - someone getting their dream job thanks to a few offhanded Tweets — it makes it all worthwhile.

People also commented on the post sharing similar Costco stories.

(((Michael Weiss))) commented on Rebecca's post, "When my dad's health got so bad that he and my mom had to close their small business, she got a job working at Costco. Decent pay and benefits kept them afloat for more than a decade, until she hit full retirement age. I hope your dad has similar success."

It's plain to see that this father and daughter have been a team since the beginning.

I just had to share this wonderful collage of Rebecca and her father, Jeff.

On the Instagram photo, Rebecca's caption reads, "So lucky to have a dad that gives everything to his family. Thanks for always supporting me...but also calling me on my [expletive] when I need it. Hannah and I definitely get our attitude from him. 😂 Love you dad!"

What a wonderful bond this father-and-daughter-duo has, and it's so nice that this time around, Rebecca was able to support her dad that has always supported her!

This is the kind of feelgood story we needed.

After the tragic year we've had thanks to the pandemic, news like this is much appreciated. Even if only a handful of us ever meet Jeff (despite the thousands of likes and engagements the Twitter thread has garnered), we can all feel connected to him. It's a story of joy we can all share.

h/t: The Guardian