Hero Dog Stopped Woman From Jumping Off Bridge When Nobody Else Could

Although we can almost all agree that last year was the worst that many of us can remember, the unfortunate truth is that each year is somebody's personal worst.

And when life gets as overwhelming for them as 2020 was for us, it gets frighteningly easy to tell yourself that there are no options for turning things around. In those dark moments, the temptation to do something life-threatening can become overpowering.

But whether it's because of fate or good fortune, some of those who found themselves on the brink of suicide have come across unlikely saviors who were able to convince them to give life another chance.

And while we've discussed previous instances where people have stepped up and filled that difficult role, it's not every day that we can credit a dog for this type of lifesaving act.

If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

On June 15, the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service in England tweeted about an incident that unfolded at a bridge near Exeter.

According to the BBC, a concerned citizen had called for help when they spotted a young woman standing near the edge of the bridge.

As the representative from the fire service tweeted, this prompted a coordinated response from multiple emergency services.

As they put it, "Police negotiators were speaking with the woman but the situation was becoming increasingly worrying.."

And it could have ended in tragedy if one of the fire crews hadn't gone into the situation with an inspired idea.

And that idea was to bring along a "defusing" dog named Digby.

As the Fire Service representative explained, this doesn't mean that Digby has anything to do with explosives, but rather that he helps "defuse" traumatic situations emergency personnel experience while they're unpacking their trauma during talk therapy.

In their words, "When Digby arrived, the young woman immediately swung her head round to look, and smiled."

Once Digby came on the scene, the woman soon started talking about him and asked about his job.

From there, rescuers were able to offer the woman a chance to get better acquainted with Digby if she stepped back over the bridge's railings to safety.

Fortunately, that's precisely what she did and according to the BBC, she is now in the care of mental health professionals.

As the fire service representative said, "We wish the woman involved all the best in her recovery."

h/t: BBC

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